January 2018

He was once a celebrated manager at BMW and Volkswagen, Bernd Pischetsrieder now stands in Munich in court. He is said to have evaded by clever reclassifications of loans more than 200,000 euros in taxes. The 63-year-old is not aware of any guilt.

At no time has Bernd Pischetsrieder gives the impression of a delinquent; and certainly not that he could have evaded taxes. Unfazed by the allegations made against him, the former CEO of BMW and VW talks before the regional court of Munich on his way to submit a tax return; just as it probably makes every taxable person who can not see through the trials and tribulations of the law. No guilty feeling he was aware, of the 63-year-old former auto executive, said Monday in court. The performance is – as you know it from him – controlled, quiet and utterly confident.

The conviction of innocence runs deep. For Pischetsrieder it can arrive on the process. He struck a deal made with prosecutors in advance of a process. Certainly not let it be impressed by the applied by the Munich public prosecutor in many cases Methodology numbers or publicity appearances in court. Of 200,000 euros is the speech he should pay to close the case. The games he did not want to do with it
unknown a few days before the start of negotiations

Unlike other methods, the criminal case and the scheduled trial date just last week it was announced. For years, determined the prosecution. In May, they already began to accuse. Pischetsrieder has to fear a fine or even a suspended sentence. The verdict is expected on Tuesday. After the examination of witnesses on Monday once again the tax consultant from Pischetsrieder and the tax inspector of the Tax Office Rosenheim to testify as a key witness on the following day. The facts are conceivably complicated.

The prosecution alleges that Pischetsrieder to have evaded a total of 234,600 euros in taxes between 2001 and 2003. The owner of numerous properties as in Munich, Chemnitz and am Chiemsee have transferred including a loan from his well-occupied property in Breitbrunn am Chiemsee to other rented or leased properties and thus debt interest charges. He had so false or incomplete information and paid too little tax. He has, according to prosecutors now paid, but at the same time challenged the tax assessment notices the disputed loss.

“Not the slightest concern”

Frankly gave Pischetsrieder to justice but also to understand that he would have acted differently, he would have even guessed to what all this would lead. “I had not the slightest concern,” he was referring to, the tax authorities have his approach nevertheless still approved for six years. “I did not come up with the idea of committing a crime.” How should a simple engineer who build cars that know he countered the allegations?

Intimidated he was not to be. Elegant in dark blue Club jacket with silver buttons – so familiar to him – dressed, spoke Pischetsrieder loose and in great detail he about things that they would not be punishable the most normal thing in the world. “Host me”: Since then already be typical mischievous eyes fall again after a statement of bookings on current accounts over to the prosecutor, he smiles with a wink and a nod, as if to say, born in Munich. In German: Do you understand me (but connected to a dogmatic tone)?

Loans rescheduled

To slow Pischetsrieder was not. not internalized the rules in court that he wanted the witness – to interrupt in the middle of his testimony, but was not stopped in time before an imminent Back whistle of the judge from his two flanking lawyers – the tax inspector from the Tax Office. An official of the Tax Office Rosenheim Pischetsrieder is not the “08/15-taxpayer”. On whose initiative it is, after all, come to the indictment. He testified that there had not been without the rescheduling a tax reduction.

Even so, the accused is anything but 08/15, not only because he has real estate at home and abroad, as well as an extensive vintage collection. After Pischetsrieder was suddenly resigned because of the expensive debacle at the British SLichenRover in early 1999 at BMW as CEO, he took over the top job in 2002, succeeding Ferdinand Piech at Volkswagen. In the dispute with PiĆ«ch, he had to give the post in 2006, a short time after his contract has been extended. To avoid high severance, VW has not canceled the contract. Pischetsrieder remained virtually unchanged terms of approximately 3.5 million euros annual salary as a “consultant” in the company.

“My boss sent me mostly somewhere else”

Indeed it is unclear in what form and how comprehensively he advises VW to this proud salary. In April 2012, the contract ends. did not want to talk about Pischetsrieder at the edge of hearing. Asked how often he was sitting in his office in Wolfsburg, he only replied, again with a mischievous smile: “My boss sent me mostly somewhere else.” What is meant VW CEO Martin Winterkorn, Pischetsrieder’s successor.

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