Air quality in Qatar is excellent according to the minister


* An environmental data monitoring and analysis unit has been installed near World Cup venues to monitor air quality in stadiums and crowded areas

HE the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Sheikh Dr Faleh bin Nasser bin Ali al-Thani, said the air quality in Qatar is excellent and all air quality monitoring stations in various parts of the country show that pollution levels are below normal or within normal limits. In an exclusive statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA) at the inauguration of the Environmental Data Monitoring and Analysis Unit, HE the Minister explained that dust in the air is not a major concern, as it is not considered an industrial pollutant, but rather a natural pollutant that exists at varying rates in all countries of the world. He pointed out that the ministry is working to reduce this ratio and further improve air quality.
HE the Minister added that the air quality monitoring unit in Qatar consists of 40 fixed and mobile stations distributed in different areas of the country, and that stations belonging to other entities such as QatarEnergy, the Department of Meteorology, Ashghal, Ministry of Public Health and others will be linked to them later, so that information is easily transferred between these entities to track and analyze observed data. He said these stations have basic global air quality indicators and standards, and are integrated and equipped with state-of-the-art devices and technologies, noting that the ministry has set up a station near each. FIFA World Cups in Qatar. 2022 sites to monitor air quality in stadiums and crowded areas. These air quality stations are located over a distance of 5 km² and analyze the data, track the source of pollution and notify the authorities concerned to take the necessary measures.
Acting Deputy Undersecretary for Environmental Affairs at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Abdulhadi Almarri, said the environmental data monitoring and analysis unit in Qatar represents protection and sustainability for the environment, monitoring any environmental pollution, emphasizing that the environment sector is still working to develop its tools, mechanisms and programs within the framework of the operational management plans of the ministry’s sustainable strategy.
He noted that the environment sector has launched many initiatives and organized many events to achieve Qatar’s national development goals and strategy related to the area of ​​sustainability, and to educate the community on the importance of protection of the environment and its resources and on sustainability according to approved strategies. Abdulhadi Almarri indicated that the environmental data monitoring and analysis unit serves scientific environmental studies on air quality and studies the long-term impacts of climate change, as it collects real-time, continuous data. and high precision on the quality of the ambient air thanks to stations spread over the country and connected to the national network of the ministry.
Director of the ministry’s environmental monitoring and laboratory department Eng Hassan al-Qassimi said the launch of the environmental data monitoring and analysis unit will help obtain high-accuracy air quality data. and to identify the sources of pollutants and their impact, whether fixed or mobile sources, such as measuring the impact of transport, automobile traffic and the transport network on air quality, and determining the impact of cross-border pollution in Qatar. He pointed out that the launch of this unit is an important step in forecasting the air quality in the country and in supporting the early warning system, as well as the immediate and future modeling of the air quality. air. The data will also be presented and published as environmental indicators to the public.


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