Australian Weather: Heat Waves, Fire Dangers and Storms Predicted by Bureau of Meteorology | Lithgow Mercury



Heatwave and fire hazards have been predicted for much of the country while the east is also forecast for thunderstorms in the coming days. Meteorologist Jonathan How said the forecast for the east was for hot and humid conditions while the west is expected to see scorching conditions of up to 49C in a Bureau of Meteorology weather update extremes. Parts of Victoria and New South Wales, including the capitals, are set to experience their “hottest day so far this summer” on Saturday, which will also pose serious fire risks. “Saturday will be the peak day in the South East, with Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney all expected to peak above 30 degrees, even into the 20s across Hobart,” Dr How said. “So with all this heat and instability, we expect to see a few storms as well, mostly affecting the East Coast over the next few days.” “We were able to see warnings issued, but fortunately nothing as serious or significant as what we have seen in recent days.” The weather in the south east is expected to cool due to a cold front on Sunday which could bring precipitation and potential storms to both New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. READ MORE: Meanwhile, the country’s Western pasts are already in the midst of a severe heat wave. “Maximum temperatures on Thursday reached the 40s for large parts of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and western Queensland as well, and into the 30s in southern Western Australia. and South Australia,” said Dr How. “On Friday the heat is rising in South Australia and Adelaide is set to experience its hottest day since February.” Dr How said the heat wave was getting even stronger and reaching “extreme levels” in the Cape York Peninsula and northern Western Australia over the next few days. Marble Bar in the Pilbara is forecast for 49C on Sunday while other parts of WA are also forecast for temperatures well above 40C. Dr How said the heat wave will pose a health risk to all communities, including healthy people, who must take health precautions to avoid heatstroke or dehydration. The meteorologist said there would be “severe to catastrophic” fire danger conditions in inland parts of WA on Thursday due to gusty winds and high temperatures well into the forties. “Luckily out there in the South West we don’t see any hazards. Fire weather conditions where communities have been hit by bushfires quite recently, particularly in the Margaret River area,” said he declared. “Severe fire danger declared parts of South Australia on Friday, including the Lofty Ranges. to take the appropriate precautions, don’t forget your pets and please stay. safe.”




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