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To date, the National Institute of Meteorology and hydrology suspends the submission of weather information to the media in protest.

This was stated on BNT by the director of the institute, Professor Hristomir Branzov.

Since yesterday, NIMH stopped submitting weather information on its website. Instead of the usual predictions, a protest message appears on the site

On television, Professor Hristomir Branzov said the decision to protest was up to the employees of the institute. He only asked them not to stop measuring atmospheric conditions, international trade and early warning systems.

NIMH announced a protest against the intention of MPs to transfer the institute from the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Environment and Water.

Bulgarian Institute of Meteorology Stop him Weather Forecasts on its website

The decision is expected to be finalized in plenary today with changes to the water law.

The government is adamant that the change will not result in losses for the institute.

However, scientists fear that this will harm their scientific work, which is an essential part of their job.

“What worries colleagues is that they are trying to turn a national scientific body into a departmental institute. This is the meaning of this transformation. The next step that is expected, looking at what they propose to us as law, is probably our liquidation as a scientific structure. – said Professor Branzov.

He added that the scientific structure has the right to allocate its own budget and have scientific autonomy, the head of which is elected by his colleagues from among the academic staff of the organization.

Yesterday, however, the competent parliamentary committee approved the proposal by the leader of the NIMH be appointed and dismissed by the Minister of Environment and Water, Prof Branzov said.

“The way he is being rushed and the way this is all being done behind the institute’s back is very worrying and I hope more decisions are not made in this way.” – said Professor Branzov.

The director of NIMH added that the institute has no liability not only to the Ministry of Environment and Water but also to other departments under the Law on Protection from Disasters and Accidents and the like. That is why the scientists want to continue working as an independent scientific organization and do not want to be part of any department.

If the law is voted in this form today, each of the scientists of NIMH will decide for himself whether to stay at the institute or not, Professor Branzov said, adding that among those dissatisfied with the legal change are key experts who are hard to find on the job market.


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