Bureau of Meteorology Changed Name But Didn’t Get Twitter Accounts First


The Binches of Meteorology (BoM) has politely asked the rest of Australia to stop calling it “The BoM” and “the Weather Bureau”. Instead, he’d rather we call it “The Office.” It’s cool like that. It’s so cool it might make the cold fronts look like HOT. The problem, however, is that “The Bureau” hasn’t secured the Twitter handles for this big rebranding.

To respect the wishes of the Bureau, I will henceforth refer to it as the Bureau formerly known as BoM (TBFKABoM).

TBFKABoM revealed today that it will be rebranding in a press release and asked all publications to update its style guide. Our own PTV style guide explicitly says “Binches of Meteorology”, so it really broke my rain cloud to find out that TBFKABoM didn’t like that name. He would be happy to know that I updated it accordingly.

This name (and attitude) change wasn’t exactly done the way you’d expect. You’d think that if your big company made a big rebrand, you’d at least have secured the necessary usernames beforehand. But alas, TBFKABoM did not plan ahead.

Some fast Australians got the names first and the results were just… *weather kiss*.

Something in all this chaos is really tickling my low pressure system.

They should have been renamed The Bureau of Mess (BoM).

Amid Twitter chaos, journalist and author Rick Morton discovered that TBFKABoM had hired a PR firm for $70,000 to help with the massive renaming. Yes, that’s a whole real $70,000 to remove the “from the weather” from the name and forget to update social media. For that amount of money, they could have hired me as their new sexy gay weatherman.

Although the PR firm is called “The C Word” (which sounds fun, fresh and young), I have to ask why they thought The Bureau was a good name? It looks like a secret entity of men in black. He lacks cheerfulness and sexuality fun that comes with telling the time.

If I was TBFKABoM, I would rename BoM Dot Com or BoM Baddies. Something that really draws kids into the weather. But alas, we have the Office. How buring.

Here’s to TBFKABoM on their ambitious new name. May he continue to provide us with hot and scorching weather updates so we can make exciting rain jokes and continue to call the agency something other than “The Office.”

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