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The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a weather warning for SA, Victoria and NSW as a very strong cold front is expected to cross south-eastern Australia on Monday and Tuesday.

The BOM is forecasting extreme weather conditions with potential for flooding in the south-eastern corner of New South Wales later this week.

Meteorologist Sarah Scully said the office was expecting strong and gusty northwesterly winds, possibly fierce.

“On or behind this cold front we expect widespread showers, small hail, isolated thunderstorms with this cold front expected to pass through Victoria and NSW on Tuesday,” she said.

Snow is expected to fall in Tasmania, Victoria and the alpine regions of NSW.

The complex low pressure area is expected to move off the east coast of NSW where it is expected to intensify from Wednesday to Thursday.

The Bureau predicts that a band of rain will develop over the east coast of Tasmania to south of QLD.

“Very cold air has the potential for small hail, thunderstorms, showers and snow to low levels.

“It is difficult to predict where the heaviest rainfall will occur, but eastern Victoria, Gippsland and the southeast corner of New South Wales have the potential for flooding,” Ms Scully said.

The Bureau predicted a good start to the ski season with ski resorts expected to have a 50cm to 70cm dump.

The Bureau is also forecasting widespread showers with the potential for very heavy precipitation, but due to the complexity of the system, it is difficult to predict where the heaviest precipitation could be found, but it is expected in the southeast corner of New South Wales and Eastern Victoria.

“The weather situation is changing and people are encouraged to keep abreast of the latest forecasts,” Ms. Scully said.

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