Bureau of Meteorology stuck in embarrassing Twitter gaffe after announcing name change


The Bureau of Meteorology made a mistake on social media after announcing that it no longer wanted to be called BoM.

In a statement sent to reporters on Tuesday morning, the meteorological authority asked publications to update how the organization was referenced in the media.

“The Bureau of Meteorology is asking media outlets to update their editorial style to ensure that references to the organization are by its full name, the Bureau of Meteorology or the Bureau for short, and not BoM or the Weather Bureau. “, they wrote.

The request was made to ensure that the Bureau’s “ideas, wisdom, data and information” would be respected and “shared, understood and put into practice”.

Along with the style change also came an overhaul of their national, state and territory Twitter handles, which would be updated to @TheBureau_Au, and @TheBureau_NSW, @TheBureau_ACT, @TheBureau_Vic, @TheBureau_Tas, @TheBureau_Qld, @TheBureau_SA , @TheBureau_NT and @TheBureau_WA.

However, the BoM Office *ahem* made a crucial mistake. Prior to announcing the change to their new Twitter accounts, the organization had yet to claim the username. Within minutes of sharing the statement, the Bureau’s intended Twitter handles had already been taken by members of the public.

External Twitter users had changed their IDs to @TheBureau_AU, @TheBureau_NSW, @TheBureau_ACT and @TheBureau_Tas, leaving them unavailable for future use.

Although the account has since been suspended, what would have been the main account for meteorological authority @TheBureau_AU has been changed to read: ‘Australia’s Little Bureau’, with its profile picture updated to feature a wooden desk (i.e. an office).

@TheBureau_NSW was also caught, with its display name updated to read: “Bureau of MEMEorology (parody)”.

“Absolute mistake Bureau of Meteorology rookie announcing what they were changing their Twitter handle to BEFORE actually doing it,” the account tweeted shortly after the name change.

The account later said it would return the Bureau’s Twitter handle if it met its “three simple requests.” They included: a weather balloon, a signed photo of Sunrise meteorologist Sam Mac, and the power to manipulate the weather.

As things stand, the Office has yet to respond.

On social media, journalists took to Twitter to shed light on the change.

“If The BoM never wants to be called The BoM again, I’m afraid the only thing they can do now is move to a new school,” wrote comedian and podcast host Dan Ilic.

“The Bureau of Meteorology (whose website is http://bom.gov.au and whose app is called BOM Weather) is asking the media not to call the organization ‘BOM’,” the reporter tweeted. Guardian politician Josh Butler.

“I always call it ‘Safeway,’ so honestly the nomenclature doesn’t stand a chance with me,” shared writer Anna Spargo-Ryan.

Currently, it is unclear whether the Bureau will continue with the social media strategy or whether the social media giant will step in to facilitate the transition.

News.com.au has contacted the Bureau of Meteorology but has not received a response at the time of publication.

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