CBS2 meteorologist Giorgio Panetta is a guest on ‘The Equalizer’


NEW YORK – A member of our talented team gets noticed.

CBS2’s Lonnie Quinn knows him very well, so he’s going to tell us all about it.

As Quinn reports, we have important weather news to report that has nothing to do with the forecast. One of ours will be a guest star on a hit CBS series, and we’ve got a sneak peek.

Giorgio Panetta and Lonnie Quinn work hard at the First Alert Weather Center.


A typical workday for weather producer and meteorologist Giorgio Panetta takes place at the CBS2 First Alert weather center. This Sunday at 8pm on Channel 2, our very own Giorgio, or ‘G’ as he is affectionately nicknamed in the newsroom, can be seen hitting the big time on the small screen on ‘The Equalizer’.

“That was cool. I look like a gangster. I look really mean,” Panetta said.

It takes a studied actor to be such a good villain.

Giorgio tells us that this “Equalizer” concert was a new experience for him

“It was definitely the most, most intense…of Hollywood stuff. I did the lighting and the smoke, and it was just a big production, a big load,” he said.

Giorgio Panetta is working hard to cover a winter storm in early 2022.


He gave us a personal insight into working with Queen Latifah.

“She’s fantastic. Super professional, really nice,” he said. “It was interesting to watch her work too, because it’s her show. And I was trying to learn too, to be on set.”

And some other fun facts. His character’s name is Vince.

“My middle name is Vincent. So it wasn’t Giorgio Vincent Panetta,” he said.

We are all thrilled to see our G living this dream. Well-deserved.

“Everyone is so happy for me and really proud of me. It makes me feel good. Really,” he said.


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