Chief Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson and NAVY Fleet Weather Forecaster swap jobs for a day


PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Thursday was a 10 On Your Side premiere as Chief Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson and Petty Officer Garland Riggs of the Fleet Weather Center at Naval Station Norfolk swapped jobs.

Meteorologists Jeremy Wheeler and Ricky Matthews have lifted the curtain on what we do here at WAVY to set our forecasts. During my time inside the Fleet Weather Center, I learned that it was split into two sections. One side focuses on the maritime, where the ships are. The other is for aviation and forecasting in their operations. Each ship, aircraft and fleet requires specific forecasts for the parameters they must meet. When the weather is calm in their area of ​​responsibility, these days are simple. When there are hurricanes in the Atlantic, it can get crowded.

“We have such a big area of ​​responsibility. We can cover the entire Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Arctic. It is a very large area and our navy operates over this large area. said Andy Kraft, senior weather operations officer.

“When you’re planning high intensity, things like that, you really want to be heard. It’s a destructive force coming your way and you want to make sure everyone is safe,” Master Garland Riggs said.

Each forecaster is responsible for the ship, aircraft or group they assist overseas. They said they forecast from the bottom of the sea to the stars, and using tools like satellites and shipboard observations, they could make their predictions.

To learn more and see the forecast from the Fleet Weather Center, go here:
Fleet Weather Center Norfolk


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