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The Bureau of Meteorology forecast cool weather for the south-east, wet weather for the north and east and scorching conditions for Western Australia on Christmas Day. Meteorologist Jackson Browne said there will be “quite a lot of severe weather in different parts of Australia” on National Day. “In the tropical north, the monsoon returns to Darwin in time for Christmas. Rain is returning to flooded parts of eastern Australia and brings extreme heatwave conditions to the South West and Western Australia. Australia, including Perth. And this will cause serious fire hazards on Christmas Day,’ he said. Mr Browne said the weather would be ‘settled somewhat’ in the south east from Australia. Sydney is forecast for a partly cloudy day with a low of 21C and a high of 31C. Similarly, Canberra is forecast for a partly cloudy day with a high of 30C although there is a medium (50%) chance of showers. Meanwhile, Melbourne is forecast for a relatively cool day with lows of 16C and highs of 21C. Hobart is also set for a chilly Christmas with lows of 15C, highs of 21C and partly cloudy skies Mr. Browne said that a system of low pressure would cause wet weather in parts of NT and Queensland. “In the tropical north, we can see an embedded depression along the monsoon trough, working its way up the upper coast, with Darwin seeing a cool, wet Christmas Day,” he said. “The humidity is east of an inland trough, so showers and storms for parts of Queensland. Cloudy in Cairns. Rainy in Brisbane.” Mr Browne said the weather will be ‘very stable in Adelaide and Alice Springs’. South Australia’s capital is forecast for a low of 15C and a high of 27C on Christmas Day while the Red Center is forecast for a high of 35C. “This high pressure ridge, which brings these stable conditions, is also creating quite a bit of heat along the west coast of Australia,” Browne said. “So very, very hot 42 degrees in Perth, with extreme heat wave conditions in the area.” Christmas Day Forecast: Canberra: Min 15C, Max 30C. Partly cloudy with medium chance (50%) of showers. Sydney: Min 21C, Max 30C. Partly cloudy with 20% chance of showers. Melbourne: Min 16C, Max 21C. Becoming mostly sunny in the afternoon. Brisbane: Min 22C, Max 28C. Cloudy with a very high chance (90%) of showers. Perth: Min 23C, Max 42C. Very warm and sunny. Adelaide: Min 15C, Max 27C. Partly cloudy. Hobart: Min 15C, Max 21C. Partly cloudy. Darwin: Min 25, Max 31C. Showers. Possible storm. Most likely in the afternoon and evening. Australia is currently going through a La Nina climate regime. You want to know more ? Watch this explanatory video:




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