CM MK Stalin to launch dashboard today to access real-time data on Tamil Nadu | Chennai News


CHENNAI: Hours of discussion in the Chief Minister’s chamber over the peak in cases of crimes against women and children, soaring vegetable and fruit prices and current employment trends could be a thing of the past.
In an effort to bring about a paradigm shift in governance, Chief Minister MP Stalin is expected to launch a real-time “CM Dashboard Tamil Nadu 360” on Thursday to monitor, analyze and increase the efficiency of the decision-making process . Reports on district crimes and poor public order performance will be reviewed in real time.

A 180 square foot screen on the wall of the Chief Minister’s conference room will provide information to assess the performance of each department. “A first batch of 15 dashboards will be launched. The aim is to help the Prime Minister provide cutting edge information so that he can make quick decisions, looking at how the devices are implemented, delays and statistics, which are important to the government. .
These are key performance indicators for each ministry, ”said a senior government official. The price mesh monitors price stability on 25 available food grains / vegetables / fruits with support from state and central government agencies and market prices and predictive analytics will help intervene in a timely manner.
The first batch of dashboards held ready for launch include the water storage levels of all key reservoirs maintained by the public works department, rainfall patterns from the meteorological department, and the sampling of food grains from local residents. civilian supplies. The public grievance system and the status of petitions received through the Chief Minister’s helpline and the “CM in your constituency” department will be monitored at all times. The implementation of housing programs for the urban and rural poor and water supply programs, especially tap connections for households, could be accelerated in the districts. There are 171 key performance indicators in the health service alone.
During his meeting with department heads in September, Stalin suggested having a dashboard to know the departments’ real-time physical and financial goals on his more than 500 poll pledges. The opposition has raised the issue of the government breaking its promises. “At least 10 dashboards will be added monthly. The Chief Minister takes governance to another level.
Its promises, assurances and flagship programs contribute to sound governance. It is a governance tool through which the CM implements programs with confidence. It gets the big picture in no time, ”said another official, adding that the state is engaging in cutting-edge governance with accountability taking center stage.


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