College basketball stats guru Ken Pomeroy was doing meteorology


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No one knew college basketball was about to change forever. Not even the catalyst for the revolution, tinkering with statistics and mathematical formulas during his downtime after writing a thesis on atmospheric science.

Ken Pomeroy did not aspire to become one of the most influential people in sports, playing a role on virtually every team in the country. He couldn’t know how many trainers would depend on the advanced statistics system featured on his website ( He couldn’t imagine becoming the godfather of a movement, changing the way teams prepare, altering media coverage and influencing sports betting.

Pomeroy, 48, was simply a college basketball fan with no connection to the sport outside of rooting interests for his alma maters (Virginia Tech, Wyoming). He had been passionate about mathematics since he was a child. By creating proprietary algorithms to more accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of each Division I team, Pomeroy found an absorbing and fulfilling hobby to keep him busy when he wasn’t busy working as a weatherman at the National. Weather Service.


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