Denver is still waiting on the snow; what does the meteorology say


Bad luck with the track, temperature and timing of the storms left Denver with a snowless fall.

DENVER – A few patches of light snow left a dusting over the Eastern Plains Friday morning. Just 25 miles from Denver International Airport. That’s how close Denver came to breaking the snowless streak that now stands at 206 days.

The last time there was snowfall in Denver was April 21.

And with no possibility of snow in the forecast until Wednesday, it will likely be one of the top five, if not the longest, wait for Denver’s first snowfall. The last record date is November 21.

The weather just hasn’t been in our favor this fall.

The biggest problem was the location of the storm. Although the storm pattern has been very active, most of the storms this fall have occurred well over northeast Colorado.

This brings us mainly northwesterly winds, which limit humidity over the Front Range. The easterly winds usually give us the best chance of snow.

The relatively warm temperatures were another big issue.

For example, there was snow in Denver on November 1st. It would probably have accumulated on the ground if the low temperature that day was just average, 31 degrees.

But the low was 33 degrees, and it was 35 degrees when it started to snow.

It would have helped a bit if the snow had fallen early in the morning, but we also had some bad luck with the timing.

With the storm of October 15, the low temperature was 30 degrees, cold enough for snow accumulation.

But the snow came in the hottest part of the day, when temperatures were slightly above zero. There was a build-up in Douglas County, but just rain in Denver.

Another storm system is coming next week, but it will likely be another storm trail up north, so Denver will have to be lucky with the timing and weather to get the first snowfall of the season.

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