Dry season rains linked to La Nina


The meteorology department said the rains during the dry season in the country are the result of the La Nina phenomenon. The impact of the phenomenon began in March and should fade in May.

Rainfall during the dry season from March to May is good news for Cambodian farmers.

Um Rina, director of the Department of Water Resources and Meteorology, said yesterday that the La Nina phenomenon brings rains to the country which is good for the farming community ahead of the rice growing season in June.

“We are not sure what will happen after La Nina ends in May. We only have the forecast of the phenomenon for three months. Beyond three months, the forecasts are not accurate”, a- he declared.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Water Resources, Chan Yuttha, said La Nina is due to low pressure around the Philippines.

“We never experience dry season rain like this. Thanks to La Nina from the Philippines through the South China Sea to Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, parts of the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand experienced flash flooding,” Yuttha said.

The spokesman ruled out flash flooding in Cambodia following the rains and said the phenomenon is not that common in the region.


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