Egypt warns Aswan residents of scorpions and snakes


Egyptian authorities have issued an urgent warning to citizens about the spread of scorpions and snakes in Aswan after the rains distributed their nests.

These animals typically live in the mountains and avoid skin temperatures, but recent weather disruptions causing torrents of rain have forced snakes and scorpions to move away from their dens, the head of the Research Centre’s meteorology department. farmer in Egypt, Shaker Aboul Maaty, told Sada al-Balad satellite channel on Sunday evening.

He advised residents and farmers in southern governorates to be careful especially when it rains and wear appropriate footwear outside to avoid being bitten.

He assured that the current infestation in Aswan is temporary and that once the waters have dried up, the creatures will leave.

Aboul Maaty called on all farmers in the governorates of Egypt to be careful when planting, as scorpions and snakes can hide inside trees and plants.


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