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BOSTON (CBS) – Looking for a holiday gift for that weather geek in your life? WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher has a stormy Christmas stocking that you might run into at your local bookstore.

Mighty New England Storms – The hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and flooding that shaped the region”Is Fisher’s first foray into writing, and takes a look at some of New England’s notoriously capricious weather conditions from the 1600s to the present day.

“It was a bit of a pandemic project,” says Fisher, who was approached by Globe Pequot Publishing about the idea. “They said they were interested in writing a book like this and that I write it. I had no idea the world would end soon after starting up and I would have a lot more free time at home to dig!

More than just stories of storms, the book examines some of the weather conditions behind the biggest weather events that have swept through the region. From the ’78 blizzard to the great colonial hurricane, Fisher has selected several high impact events from every type of severe weather we experience here.

“As I researched all of these storms, what struck me is how almost every one of them has led to some sort of societal or technological change. We’re not always proactive when it comes to preparing for nature, but these were all so important that everyone collectively decided that something needed to change, ”says Fisher.

For example, Doppler radar was deployed and a national storm forecasting center was established following the Worcester tornado in 1953. A national hurricane center was started after Hurricane Carol in 1954. Flood controls were intensified after the major floods of the 1930s, and underground subways were built following the blizzard of 1888.

Eric Fisher with his first book, ‘Mighty Storms Of New England’ (WBZ-TV)

Fisher went on a book signing tour this fall, meeting other weather enthusiasts at local breweries. Stops at Idle Hands in Malden, Tree House in Charlton and Vitamin Sea in Weymouth were turned into weather lectures as people stopped to share their favorite events.

The next step is a stop at Channel marker infusion in Beverly on Saturday, November 20. You can find Mighty Storms of New England at local bookstores, on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.



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