Flooding in New South Wales a ‘real concern’ for the Meteorological Office amid heavy rains | Goulburn Post




Residents of New South Wales have been warned to prepare for flooding by the Bureau of Meteorology. BoM’s national flood operations director Justin Robinson said he was ‘really concerned’ about northwest New South Wales in his flood update on Tuesday afternoon . “The area of ​​greatest concern to us are the areas in the northwestern interior of the state, which have been affected by flooding in recent weeks,” Robinson said. “This means that these communities have already experienced major flooding and there will be more rainfall over the next two days and we are very concerned that we will see more flooding and a further rise in the river level after this rainfall.” A flood watch was issued for rivers in northern NSW and the inner city north coast on Tuesday morning, while the BoM also reported a further rise in river levels on the northwest slopes . North Coast towns such as Coffs Harbor, Lismore and Ballina have been warned to prepare for total rainfall of 80 to 120 millimeters over two days. Meanwhile, northern interior towns such as Moree, Inverell and Narrabri are expected to receive 40 to 80 millimeters over the same two-day period. Mr Robins said the BoM was “more concerned” about the flooding in the Upper MacIntyre River and the Gwydir River. He said areas that have already suffered “very significant flooding,” such as Gunnedah and Wee Waa, were also of concern. The flood operations manager said flooding could continue into next week “depending on how much rain we receive over the next two days.” “It takes a while for this floodwaters to flow down into these river systems. So I expect that to continue until next week. But we really hope to give some of the precipitation some breathing space.” said Robinson. . “But every day we seem to be getting a little more rainfall in the areas affected by the floods.” READ MORE: Mr Robinson advised residents of affected areas to ‘stay away from flood waters’. “This is really very important. But it is also important to keep in mind the warnings of the office and the advice of the SES. So the office is monitoring the flood situation at all times and when we see the situation change, we will update these warnings as and when possible, ”he said. “And normally, once we start seeing rain, we’ll start issuing these warnings every three to six hours with updates for the community.” Mr Robinson said that “people should definitely be aware of the dangers of flash floods” as parts of the state receive more than 100mm of rain. “If you get really heavy rainfall and very humid watersheds you will see flash floods and flash floods can be especially dangerous, especially if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when you get really big. , isolated rainfall, “he said. There is currently a major flood warning for the lower Macintyre River and a flood warning for the Weir River in New South Wales and Queensland. There are also minor to major flood warnings for the Lachlan, Macquarie and Namoi rivers in NSW. A number of minor, moderate or permanent flood warnings are also in place for Victoria, ACT, NSW and Queensland, which can be found on the BoM website.





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