Floods have ravaged towns in the line of sight as the Bureau of Meteorology prepares to confirm the third La Nina event


Australia’s east coast is again put on notice to prepare for another season of torrential rains and potential flooding ahead of an expected third consecutive La Niña event.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is expected to transition from a La Niña watch to a La Niña alert, which could happen as early as this week. In today’s report, BOM increased the risk of another La Niña event from 50% to 70%

Chief Meteorologist at Sky News Tom Saunders predicted the upcoming event last week saying that “all Pacific Ocean indicators are currently in the La Niña phase.”

This time however, a second major weather event is expected to collide with La Niña; the Indian Ocean Negative Dipole (IOD).

“Last year we had a pretty weak negative dipole in the Indian Ocean and La Niña. This time the negative IOD is actually much stronger, so we’re in pretty rare territory,” Saunders said.

The two major oceans on either side of the country are essentially in a wet phase, creating a double negative that should improve rainfall.

La Niña and negative IOD combined are expected to create a rare event we haven’t seen since the Queensland flood disaster in 2010.

At a press conference on Monday, Queensland Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk urged residents to make sure they are prepared.

“These conditions could be similar to the conditions we saw this summer this year,” she said.

“I don’t want Queenslanders to get alarmed, but what we want to see is people being prepared.”


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