Football Weather for NFL Week 4 2022


Last week’s predictions: 7-9. Rainy days and bad calls on Mondays always get me down. The forecast for the season is 25-23, counting the draw as a loss.

With weather dominating the news after Hurricane Ian, it is important to remember the somewhat unpredictable aftermath of such a massive and devastating storm. I live outside of Grand Rapids and expecting clouds and possible rain this weekend from the remnants. In places like Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia, playing conditions could be soggy and suboptimal for fans.

Thursday evening

– Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals (-3.5): Another strong game starting the weekend and an interesting line. The 1-2 Bengals are favored over the undefeated Dolphins, who just beat the mighty Bills. One of the reasons Cincinnati is favored is reigning AFC Defensive Player of the Week Trey Hendrickson, who had three sacks last week. But he faces a much tougher challenge in Terron Armstead, who has been an excellent tackle for Miami. For all the attention on Joe Burrow and the Bengals’ problems protecting him, their own ability to disrupt the opposing QB is just as critical to their success. If Hendrickson and company can’t impact Tua Tagovailoa, who has been playing very well for the first three weeks, it will be a long night for the home fans.

Dolphins 32, Bengals 28

Sunday games

– Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5): Before you reflexively dismiss the visiting Jaguars here, understand that they have a defensive weapon in rookie LB Devin Lloyd who could be the optimal foil for Jalen Hurts. Lloyd has been fantastic for Jacksonville, and he’s also uplifting those around him.

Trevor Lawrence isn’t playing Hurts’ MVP caliber, but the Jags’ insanely gifted frontman isn’t far off the pace. We see the growth in confidence and decision-making that Lawrence needed. His receiving body can also play. I don’t think the Jaguars can match the Eagles’ talent at the back of defence, but it should be a lot of fun watching them try. The micro-forecast: Darius Slay lands a late Desperation Throw from Lawrence to seal a hard-fought victory and keep the Eagles undefeated.

Eagles 27, Jaguars 23

– Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints (+2.5): I love the Vikings here and I’ll tell you why: their offensive line. It’s okay, guys. Left tackle Christian Darrisaw has made major progress since his rookie season, while right tackle Brian O’Neill might be the best pass protector at his position in the league right now. They’ve handled heavy pass rushes (mostly) competently all season. That’s more than enough for Kirk Cousins ​​to find Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, and KJ Osborn early and often. I’m worried about Saints QB Jameis Winston’s positive anomaly play, but I can’t bet on that. You probably shouldn’t either…

Vikings 30, Saints 21

– Cleveland Browns vs. Atlanta Falcons (+1.5): At the start of the week, I was very confident in Cleveland’s chances of hitting the road. However, Myles Garrett’s car accident this week reduces those odds. Fortunately, Garrett walked away with only minor injuries. But potentially without Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney, the Browns’ pass rush and outside run defense are vulnerable to a promising young Falcons offense. Throwing game now.

Browns 26, Hawks 24

– Washington Commanders at Dallas Cowboys (-3.5): Cooper Rush? Cooper Rush! He is the best of the red half-QBs in this game. Washington can’t command intensity or defensive pressure to match what Micah Parsons — a legitimate Defensive Player of the Year contender — can do either.

Cowboys 31, Commanders 15

– Chicago Bears vs. New York Giants (-3): No matter who wins, the victorious team will be the most unlikely 3-1 team in the league. The Giants would be the least unlikely team with their exciting young passing rush and hugely expensive receiving corps. Just a speculative hunch here, but if Kenny Golladay is out again for New York, don’t be surprised if he’s gone – maybe in Chicago next week to play for the Bears. With Sterling Shepard now out, it’s Golladay’s do or die time with the Giants.

Giants 20, Bears 17

– Seattle Seahawks vs. Detroit Lions (+5.5): The Lions are second in points and first in points allowed. The Seahawks are 20th in points allowed but 28th in points. Detroit has serious injury problems — 10 starters missed practice Wednesday — but the Lions’ firepower should be enough to lead the home side to victory. That’s the most points Detroit has been favored since 2016.

Lions 33, Seahawks 28

– Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts (-3.5): This critical AFC South game will show us which team effectively shook off the early slump of being winless in the first two weeks. The Titans are a tough team to pin down, and losing LT Taylor Lewan to a knee injury really hurts. But Matt Ryan, who was stellar all summer at Indy, was largely rotten for the Colts, and he got little help from a faltering receiving corps. I feel like this is Jonathan Taylor’s escape game that his fantasy owners are dying for.

Foals 28, Titans 20

– New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (-3): Upset alert? You bet. I love Jets coach Robert Saleh’s chess game advantage against Steelers QB Mitch Trubisky and his complete inability to throw to the left side of the field. Saleh has the parts to make it work, even on the road. If Pittsburgh is going to win this one, it’s on the back of Alex Highsmith and the defensive front to dominate. And they can! But will they…?

Jets 19, Steelers 15

– Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens (+3.5): The Ravens are a pretty good team overall, but they showed a lot of issues in the back of defense. No one threatens and exploits defensive issues on the field better than Josh Allen and the Bills. Lamar Jackson plays like an MVP himself, and his ability to attack Buffalo’s injury-riddled secondary should keep this one very interesting.

With the potential impact of the weather on the two dual-threat QBs, I’m leaning towards the more accurate Jackson throw. Again, Allen has the best receivers and the most unfiltered style that can wreak havoc. Difficult decision. it should be a good game.

Bills 33, crows 31

– Los Angeles Chargers against Houston Texans (+6): All of the injuries suffered by key Chargers players make their roster almost as anonymous to the general fan as what the Texans are going to tell. It’s quietly a big game for Houston QB Davis Mills to prove he can belong to the long-term solution. So far this year there hasn’t been any money. Local fans need to see something more from Mills than her amazing neck at some point…

Chargers 23, Texans 20

– Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers (+1.5): Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray go head-to-head in the battle of former Oklahoma QB winners over Heisman. Murray and the Cardinals have had an uneven season, but the (dis)harmony between Mayfield and his Panthers receivers is becoming a bigger problem in Carolina. The inability to protect Mayfield exacerbates the problems; Mayfield often doesn’t do the off-screen well. Still, the Cardinals aren’t pressuring the QB well. Heck, the Cardinals really aren’t doing anything good on defense. They are 31st or 32nd in almost everything. I don’t think it changes much here.

Panthers 34, Cardinals 28

– New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers (-10.5): Seeing a Bill Belichick team as double-digit dogs is astounding. Then you look at their QB situation; Brian Hoyer has lost his last 17 starts and nearly every one of them has prompted the question, “How the hell is this guy still in the league?” I don’t see that changing against the Packers’ wake-up defense. If you’re in a rush, now’s the perfect time to use the Packers in Survival Fantasy Football.

Packers 30, Patriots 9

– Denver Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders (-2.5): It’s amazing to me that the Raiders are the only 0-3 team in the NFL. Las Vegas is globally too talented for this to persist. The inconsistent Broncos with their growing pains for rookie coaches are the perfect panacea for what plagues the winless home team.

Raiders 32, Broncos 17

– Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2.5): Sunday night’s game is expected to be played in Tampa, but that’s a remote possibility at this point. The game could very well be played in Minnesota. Aside from the logistics of a short-term loss of a home game, remember that Tampa Bay players live in the area. They have families and friends who are undoubtedly affected by Ian’s devastation. It’s a mentally exhausting situation.

In stressful situations like this, teams either huddle around and play amazing for one game before crashing the next week, or the weight is too heavy and they can’t get off the mat. Insert a ‘heart of a champion’ cliche here, but the Chiefs are a terrible opponent to face in these sorts of circumstances.

Chiefs 23, Buccaneers 20

Monday evening

– Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers (-2.5): The national focus will be on top QBs Matthew Stafford and Jimmy Garoppolo. However, I focus on run defenses. The Rams don’t run the ball often or successfully, but they don’t rely on it. The Rams’ run defense is very good, and that includes their defensive backs. San Francisco has to run the ball to be effective, the same way a Taco Bell needs to have a functioning bathroom for you to eat there. Beware of the pink urinal cake and the 49ers’ increasingly predictable offense. The Rams understand both and are edging their way to victory.

Rams 24, 49ers 17

University games

Washington 33, UCLA 28 (Friday night)

Michigan 20, Iowa 6

Ole Miss 29, Kentucky 27

TCU 30, Oklahoma 28

Arkansas 33, Alabama 30, and I’m basing it on that only because Alabama lost (to Texas A&M) on my son’s homecoming weekend a year ago. He’ll be at a homecoming ball when this one ends. We’ll see if there’s a chance correlation…


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