Former WRAL meteorologist Greg Fishel lands new role at Blanton’s


Beloved former TV weatherman Greg Fishel, who had been a fixture in many North Carolina homes for nearly 40 years, has a new role with a Fayetteville HVAC company.

Since November, the former WRAL meteorologist has been the spokesperson for Fayetteville-based Blanton’s Air, Plumbing and Electric.

Madison Creech, marketing coordinator for Blanton’s, said that since taking on his new role, Fishel has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers.

“Many of our customers grew up watching and listening to Greg Fishel on the air,” Creech said in an email. “They are happy to have him back and partnering with our local business which has been around for over 70 years.”

Fishel was a vital part of WRAL weather forecasting beginning in 1981. He succeeded “The Biggest Name in Weather” Bob DeBardelaben in 1989, later becoming the nation’s first official certified broadcast meteorologist in 2005.

Three years ago, Fishel resigned from WRAL, saying personal issues were affecting the quality and professionalism of his work.

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“I want to let WRAL viewers know that you will no longer see me on the WRAL News team,” Fishel said at the time. “I have faced many personal challenges over the past year, and these issues have impacted my ability to work effectively and professionally.”

After leaving television weather forecasting, Fishel worked for the Amsterdam-based electric company Priogen Energy in Raleigh. According to his LinkedIn profile, Fishel served as the company’s lead atmospheric scientist from October 2019 to July 2020. In October 2020, Fishel, who lives in Raleigh, created The O’fishel Weather – and other stuff Page on Facebook for longtime fans and weather. watchmen to follow his daily life and of course, the weather.

Greg Fishel's commercial for Blanton

Creech said Fishel’s weather expertise will contribute to Blanton’s success in local communities.

“Weather can have a big impact on parts of your home related to air, plumbing, electrical and generators – all services provided by Blanton,” Creech said, “Heat waves and From cold weather to ice storms and hurricanes, a former meteorologist like Greg Fishel … can help alert the community to such weather-related situations, and then we can help bring comfort to their homes.”

Fishel fans got the chance to see him back on screen in his Blanton commercial that first aired in January.

The ad is reminiscent of the movie “Cast Away,” with the idea of ​​Fischel being “found” by Blanton’s mascot, Coolidge, an HVAC repairman. The advert has over 88,000 views on Facebook and over 35,000 on YouTube, with viewers leaving comments such as “the best weather forecaster ever” and “So good to see the fish on TV again”.

Creech said Fishel “loves being part of the Blanton family.

“It’s a partnership that can only help our neighbours,” she said.

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