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Thousands of people in New Orleans, the Mississippi Coast and beyond have voiced their support for a New Orleans weatherman after receiving an email from a viewer calling him a gay slur.

David Bernard, chief meteorologist for WVUE Fox 8 in New Orleans, shared the email on his business Facebook page over the weekend.

WVUE-TV is a trusted source for weather in Hancock County, as is the New Orleans DMA for TV news channels. A viewer, identified in the email as Stephen LaFrance, criticized Bernard for his rain forecast.

“Nice job…predicting the f****t weather,” the email said. Bernard called the email “disturbing” and shared more thoughts with his followers.

“After 30 years, I can bear and accept criticism when I’m wrong,” Bernard said on Facebook. “What I won’t accept are personal attacks on me.”

Bernard said the reader used his company email but did not post the company name.

Don’t see the screenshot? Click here.

After Bernard posted the screenshot of the email on Sunday, thousands of people came to his defense on Facebook, including locals and other weather forecasters and TV personalities from across the United States. .

“The amount of love always outweighs the hate, but that doesn’t mean hateful comments still don’t sting,” said Scott Pilie, an openly gay Weather Channel weatherman who worked in New Orleans. before moving to Atlanta.

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Other readers praised Bernard and the Fox 8 weather team for their reporting and noted how much they loved learning more about Bernard’s husband and personal life on Facebook.

“For my part, I like to read and see photos of you and Charlie (Bernard’s husband),” wrote one viewer. “It has no effect on how you predict the weather.”

Another viewer wrote, “David, you are so loved here in New Orleans, and that makes me so angry. Please know that so many of us love you just the way you are!”

Bernard responded to the support with a link to support The Trevor Project, a nonprofit that focuses suicide prevention efforts for LGBTQ+ youth.

“I love you all,” he said. “Let me say that I’m fine.

“Being a gay man in public has been tough, especially 30 years ago when I got on TV, but thanks to the support of so many family members, friends and people like you, it’s much easier, but the reality is that it is NOT easy for many people even today who feel marginalized.

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