GMA meteorologist Sam Champion mocked his colleagues after skipping the show for the 61st birthday holiday with her husband


GOOD Morning America meteorologist Sam Champion has been mocked by colleagues as he continues to be absent from work.

The TV personality was absent from his TV gig as he celebrated his 61st birthday on a sunny holiday with husband Rubem Robierb.


The meteorologist was absent from Good Morning America because he was on vacation for his birthdayCredit: Getty
Some of his colleagues started joking about the absent TV personality as his junior Dani Beckstrom replaced him on GMA


Some of his colleagues started joking about the absent TV personality as his junior Dani Beckstrom replaced him on GMACredit: Good Morning America

Meteorologist Dani Beckstrom filled in during his absence, making his GMA debut on Monday and continuing in the role on Tuesday.

Her arrival on the show led to a series of jokes and sarcastic remarks at Sam’s expense.

Dani, who works for ABC’s Eyewitness News, tweeted alongside a clip of her replacing Sam: “Listen, no one is more upset that I’m not @SamChampion than me.

“But @mcharlesworth7, @KenRosatoABC7 and @heatherorourke7 are right behind.”

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Traffic announcer Heather told her, “You’re doing a great job, @danibeckstrom!”

She then added, mocking their absent colleague: ‘And you’re certainly not as bossy as Mr Bossy Pants. ‘Put on some music’… ‘What are you doing?’ “Let’s Walk to Starbucks”

“Damn! (Oops, sorry @SamChampion).

Shocked to see the interaction, Sam replied while still on vacation, “Wait what!?!???”

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Fellow meteorologist Keith Carson then chimed in to add jokingly, “Weird, I don’t remember him doing his own Starbucks shopping at all. (Bazinga I will be there all week).

To all the sarcastic remarks thrown at him, Sam tweeted a few laughing emojis at them and wrote, “I’ll give you a few days…”

Sam is no stranger to some sarcastic teasing himself.

On Monday, GMA star Gio Benitez admitted that Sam pretended not to know him after the broadcaster appeared as a New York Times crossword clue.

While with Robin Roberts and Amy Robach, the former appeared to change Gio’s name as she joked that she was sitting next to “102 Down.”

The joke was thrown just after he appeared as a clue in The New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle.

Gio then revealed, “You know it’s funny because the clue.. it said ‘Benitez TV news’.

“Sam Champion immediately texted back, ‘I thought the answer was Bob.'”

The broadcaster jokingly tweeted that Sam “pretends not to know me”, before adding, “True friends will always keep you grounded!”

Sam simply replied with a slew of laughing emojis.

The meteorologist went on vacation to celebrate his birthday.

Robin told fans after one tweeted his absence and the weatherman replaced him.

“She’s cute, but where’s Sam? Jersey Shore, I’m just asking,” one Twitter follower wrote.

To that, Robin replied, “Sam is still celebrating his birthday! He’ll be back soon.”

The meteorologist took to Instagram to show off photos of him and her husband, Rubem, on their getaway.

In the first photo, they were taking a selfie on a plane trip while wearing headphones.

The next was a photo of the two of them having lunch and drinking wine.

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The latest featured Sam relaxing in a chair while Rubem took a picture of him and the beautiful sky behind him.

He captioned the post: “When your hubby plans the perfect ‘getaway’ #birthday lunch! Happiness/Peace/Love/Beautiful surroundings #Rest #Adventure.”

Sam's colleagues joked that he was


Sam’s colleagues joked that he was ‘bossy’ and had never done ‘his own Starbucks shopping’Credit: Instagram/@samchampion
Sam is no stranger to sarcasm himself, often joking with Robin Roberts on air


Sam is no stranger to sarcasm himself, often joking with Robin Roberts on airCredit: ABC

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