“GMA” Meteorologist Sam Champion Returns With Big News


CMG Meteorologist Sam Champion returned to the morning show with some big news. He gave fans exactly what they needed to hear. Read on to find out more and to see where he went during his hiatus.

Where did the CMG meteorologist go?

As TV shows previously reported, Sam Champion has been absent from the series. The Sassy Weatherman quickly became a hit with the CMG the viewers. They love his frank sense of humor with his co-presenters. Sam took some well deserved quality time with her husband Rubem Robierb.

He also celebrated his 61st birthday. Earlier this month, Sam’s colleagues made fun of him while he was away. Fellow meteorologist Dani Beckstrom filled in for Sam during his absence. On the August 16 broadcast of hello americaDani didn’t have much good news for viewers.

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She spoke of the hot weather and drought plaguing the northeast, while other parts of the country are facing heavy rains and floods. Dani also made jokes at Sam Champion’s expense, even though he wasn’t in the studio. She shared a clip of herself on Twitter replacing him.

“Listen, no one is more disappointed that I’m not @SamChampion than me,” she said. joked. “But @mcharlesworth7, @KenRosatoABC7 and @heatheorourke7 are right behind.”

Some of Sam Champion’s co-hosts took inspiration from Dani’s tweet to compare it to the original.

Heather wrote: “You are doing a great job, @danibeckstrom! And you’re certainly not as bossy as Mr. Bossy Pants. ‘Put on some music’… ‘What are you doing?’ “Let’s go to Starbucks.” Whore ! (Oops, sorry @SamChampion.”

Sam was shocked to see his co-workers overshadowing him. Fellow meteorologist Keith Carson added: “Weird, I don’t remember him doing his own Starbucks shopping at all. (Bazinga I will be there all week).

Sam replied, “I’ll give you a few days…”

Sam Champion’s return has fans celebrating

He returned to the morning show on Monday, August 22. Sam Champion had fans cheering for several reasons. Many were happy to see him again. Meanwhile, others were thrilled with the big news he shared.

The CMG the co-anchor shared what he wanted to hear. On his very first broadcast since his beach vacation, Sam Champion shared the big news – that ‘must have’ rain was on the way. Sam took to social media to share a photo of himself with his foil mug and the forecast map behind him.

“Hello! Rain today…sometimes heavy in scattered thunderstorms! Sorry…but we NEED this!!” Sam Champion wrote.

He also added that he needed the coffee to give him “Monday motivation”. the old weather channel the anchor struggled to get back into the grind. Fans took to the post to share that they were happy to see Sam again and to have some rain. It gave them a good Monday.

What is the weather like at home ? Did you finally get some rain? What do you think of Sam Champion’s return to CMG? Sound off below in the comments section.

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