GMA’s Ginger Zee responds to criticism after urging weatherman to ‘show some respect’ to hurricane victims


GOOD Morning America’s Ginger Zee responded to a reviewer who seemed to suggest she was showing no respect to hurricane victims.

The weatherman covered Hurricane Ian as it hit Florida and headed toward South Carolina.


Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee was quick to applaud a critic on social mediaCredit: Twitter/@Ginger_Zee
The meteorologist covered Hurricane Ian and its destruction


The meteorologist covered Hurricane Ian and its destructionCredit: Instagram

The 41-year-old took to social media on Friday to share a post listing Florida’s death toll from Hurricane Ian, as well as from previous hurricanes.

Ginger also listed some of the total costs to recover from certain hurricanes.

While many people sent words of encouragement, including praise for Ginger’s cover, one person had a different response.

They wrote: “Come on, we need to stop broadcasting how much death and destruction there has been because of these unfortunate events.

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“Let’s show some respect to family and loved ones.”

The GMA star was quick to respond and said, “How is that not respectful? That’s important information.

“We are not posting names or addresses – this is a storm impact. Human life. Very important!”

Other commenters defended Ginger as one chimed in, “Why bother commenting? Keep scrolling. Ginger is letting people know they might have loved ones.

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“You’re doing a great job Ginger letting us know what’s going on.”


This isn’t the first time Ginger has responded to social media trolls.

Just a day earlier, Ginger had to speak up after someone accused her of not being involved in search and rescue efforts in Florida.

After another follower told the troll to “shut up,” Ginger was quick to jump in and urge everyone to “be nice.”


Ginger covered the path and destruction of Hurricane Ian for GMA, but it wasn’t without major hurdles.

Earlier this week, Ginger was reporting on the hurricane as she stood in front of the wreckage of a hotel, the entire back of which was ripped off.

As the winds and rain poured in behind her, the feed cut off and she froze onscreen, ending the segment.

“Ah. Conditions are tough out there. We saw Ginger give up, but we saw the magnitude of the storm,” said co-host George Stephanopoulos.

The meteorologist was also nearly knocked down by the hurricane, as she reported live.

Fans responded on social media and expressed concern for Ginger amid her dangerous reporting.

One wrote: “We don’t need visuals of people in the rain. You are putting the lives of your employees at risk. Tell them all to come in.”

“I never understood the logic of it all. We know it’s windy and it’s raining,” said another.

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However, Ginger made sure to put everyone at ease and said:
“Promise we’re safe. We’re barricaded by a hotel fortress – and when the wind direction changes and the water rises, we go up.”

“All good!” she added.

The critic accused Ginger of showing no respect to hurricane victims after sharing this graphic on Instagram


The critic accused Ginger of showing no respect to hurricane victims after sharing this graphic on InstagramCredit: Instagram/Ginger Zee


“How is that disrespectful,” Ginger shot backCredit: Good Morning America
The 41-year-old was nearly knocked down recently while covering the hurricane


The 41-year-old was nearly knocked down recently while covering the hurricaneCredit: ABC

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