Grupo Climatempo and Somar Meteorologia merge to create the largest meteorology company in the southern hemisphere


Carlos magno continues as CEO of Climatempo and Marcos Massari, CEO of Somar, becomes a member of the board of directors of Climatempo

SÃO PAULO and BERGEN from Norway, March 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Grupo Climatempo, a StormGeo company and leader in meteorological services in Brazil, and Somar Meteorologia today signed a merger agreement in which Climatempo acquires 100% of the shares of Somar, and the founders of Somar become shareholders of Climatempo. With activities in multiple sectors including agriculture, energy, media, transport, mining, construction, retail and others, the union of the two companies makes Climatempo the main player the provision of data and solutions in Brazil and Latin America. Carlos magno do Nascimento, founder and chairman of Grupo Climatempo, leads the company as CEO of Climatempo, while Marcos Massari, CEO of Somar Meteorologia will be a member of the Board of Directors.

According to Soeren Andersen, CEO of StormGeo, “The combination of Somar and Climatempo will allow us to better serve our South American customers, offering them a wider range of services and targeted product development. Together, Climatempo and Somar will be Brazil’s leading provider of weather services for businesses and consumers, born and raised from Brazilian roots. At StormGeo, we are very excited about this transaction and welcome Somar, their founders and their employees. “

Marcos Massari, CEO of Somar Meteorologia said: “The merger of Somar and Climatempo adds immense value to the market. We will gain in technical quality by adding our products, modeling and the experience of our teams. Somar brings more than 25 years of solid expertise to the Food, Energy, Media and Environmental Monitoring department. Together, we will be stronger and more competitive to face competition from major international players, and thus conquer the Latin American market. With the merger, we will have the most comprehensive portfolio on the market, to better meet the needs of our customers. “

Since 2019, Climatempo has been part of StormGeo, a world leader in meteorological intelligence and decision support solutions. The addition of Somar will provide access to new products and systems for companies that need environmental information, including services and solutions focused on the renewable energy sector.

By combining their strengths, Climatempo and Somar will be in a unique position to provide innovative weather intelligence not only for Brazil, but for everything Latin America. StormGeo’s global presence extends Climatempo’s network and enables the company to better serve its national and international customers.

“Our intention to merge with Somar was to significantly develop our B2B business,” said Carlos magno, CEO of Climatempo. “We have great expertise in the fields of energy, agriculture and media, and the addition of Somar gives us an impetus to move forward in these segments, while strengthening our environmental watch. In 2021, we plan to launch new environmental disaster alert solutions. and a decision support system for critical sectors.

Magno continued: “Climatempo plans to launch a product that uses artificial intelligence to interpret, in real time, the impact of atmospheric variables. Retail will be the main beneficiary of these new technologies, both for the production and distribution of products, as well as for supporting marketing initiatives.

About Climatempo
With 30 years of solid experience in the market and providing quality weather advice to several industrial sectors, Climatempo is synonymous with innovation. It was the first private company to offer personalized analyzes for different market sectors, newsletters for the media, a 24 hour channel on the main pay TV operators and a consolidated digital positioning with website and applications, which together add up up to 20 million monthly users.

In 2015, it began to invest even more in technology and innovation with the installation of LABS Climatempo in the São José dos Campos Technology Park, inside São Paulo. LABS works in the research and development of solutions for severe weather phenomena, renewable energies (wind and solar), hydrology, energy marketing and production, inland navigation, oceanography and smart cities.

Currently, Climatempo is the leading meteorological consulting company in Brazil and has specialized services to serve more than 22 segments of the economy. The Group is chaired by a meteorologist Carlos magno, who, with more than 35 years of experience, was one of the pioneers of the profession in the country.

About Somar
With 25 years of experience, Somar has the strength, security and credibility necessary for a company that acts with a vision for the future, anticipates change, reduces risk and generates results.

Somar is always in partnership with its customers, understanding and anticipating needs, with flexibility to solve problems and offer the best solutions in meteorology. Recognized for the assertiveness of the information offered, its solutions are focused on excellence, competence and intelligence, so that they are indeed relevant to people.

Somar is an innovative company and believes that anyone who thinks about the future is always one step ahead. Therefore, it seeks new solutions with technology, accessibility and creativity, to promote the evolution of the market.

Somar Meteorologia is a Brazilian company that operates in the segment of meteorology, oceanography and environment, offering consulting services, content generation and technological solutions. And thus, guarantee information, forecasts and recommendations relevant to the market and the city concerning the impacts of the climate on business, life and economy.

About StormGeo
StormGeo is a global leader in weather intelligence and decision support services, with industry-leading solutions in shipping, oil and gas, renewable energy, utilities, all industry and aviation. Its products help customers manage risk, optimize performance, reduce costs and increase revenue. StormGeo operates 24 offices in 15 countries. As a participant in the United Nations Global Compact for Sustainable Oceans Trade, StormGeo’s passion for the climate and the protection of natural resources is a motivation to help its customers make environmentally friendly business decisions. The company is ISO 9001 certified and is committed to providing the best possible support and quality of service. For more information visit

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