Heat wave over northwest, central India, highest maximum temperature 49°C


Heat wave conditions prevailed over most parts of Haryana and Delhi, many parts of southern Uttar Pradesh, parts of Jammu division, Himachal Pradesh, western Rajasthan and Punjab and in isolated parts of eastern Rajasthan and northern Madhya Pradesh on Sunday with Banda of Uttar Pradesh recording the highest maximum temperature at 49 degrees Celsius.

Heat wave conditions were seen in many areas above Vidarbha and in isolated pockets in southwest Bihar and Jharkhand, the Indian Department of Meteorology (IMD) said and predicted no change significant high temperatures in many parts of northwestern India and central India on Monday, but falling by 2-4 degrees Celsius for the next two days.

The IMD bulletin indicated that there would be a reduction in intensity and spatial distribution after Monday as heatwave to severe heatwave conditions would most likely prevail in many areas over pockets isolated in southern Uttar Pradesh on Monday.

Similarly, heat wave conditions in some areas are very likely over Vidarbha on Monday and in isolated pockets over Vidarbha and northern Madhya Pradesh are likely on Monday and Tuesday. The forecast also indicates that heat wave conditions in isolated/certain pockets are very likely over Vidarbha and Jharkhand until May 17th.


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