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Actor Jacqueline Fernandez was released on bail by a Delhi court on Tuesday in the Indian Rupee 200 crore laundering case involving con artist Sukesh Chandrashekar.

Special Judge Shailendra Malik of the Patiala Court granted bail to Jacqueline Fernandes. Previously, she had obtained a provisional bond.

Ms Fernandez had applied for bail on the grounds that it was not necessary to keep her since the investigation is already over and the indictment has been filed.

The court had accepted the additional indictment filed by the enforcement department on August 31 and asked Ms. Fernandez to appear in court.

Ms. Fernandez, who has been summoned several times by the enforcement branch as part of the investigation, was first named as a defendant in the supplemental indictment.

The agency’s earlier indictment and an additional indictment did not list her as an accused.

Previously, the main arguments of the Law Enforcement Branch in court against the actor obtaining bail were that she had tried to flee the country, that she had not cooperated with investigators and that she was facing serious allegations.

The agency, which investigates financial crimes, had previously issued an alert – a surveillance circular (LOC) – at airports to prevent the actor from leaving the country.

The actor has been accused of receiving expensive gifts from scammer Sukesh Chandrashekar, who extorted millions of dollars from celebrities and businessmen.

The Sri Lanka-born Bollywood actress said she received gifts including luxury cars, Gucci and Chanel bags, Gucci sportswear, Louis Vuitton shoes and jewelry. She also said that Sukesh Chandrasekhar arranged private jet trips and hotel stays for her.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who has been in a Delhi jail since 2017, is alleged to have cheated on many people including Aditi Singh, the wife of former Fortis Healthcare promoter Shivinder Mohan Singh.



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