Heavy rain hits the city and brings down the temperature | Kanpur News

KANPUR: The long-awaited monsoon finally hit the city on Wednesday afternoon and dumped about 36.6mm of water to relieve citizens from the dry and sweltering weather. Citizens welcomed and appreciated the rains despite congestion and slippery roads in many places.
The clouds had been marking their presence since the morning but they became denser and darker around 1 p.m. and started to rain. The moderate to heavy rainfall continued until 6 p.m. and thereafter a light drizzle occurred. The rainfall also brought down the mercury which was increasing day by day. According to forecasts from the meteorology department, the rains will be heaviest in the central region of the state covering Kanpur Lucknow, Prayagraj. The rain will accelerate over the next few days and heavy rains are expected in Kanpur, Lucknow, Bareilly and Sultanpur districts.
All Kanpur the area received rain and enjoyed pleasant weather conditions. After about two hours of medium to heavy rainfall, waterlogging occurred in several places in the city, including the Juhi railway bridge. Lanes in several places turned into mini-canals due to clogged drains. Due to dark clouds, an almost nighttime situation occurred and the vehicles turned on their headlights to continue their journey. The children also enjoyed the rains when they went out to open spaces such as the terrace and the roof and enjoyed the rain.

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