Heavy rain warning issued for next 3 hours in districts


Hyderabad: Various areas of Telangana districts are expected to receive very heavy rains over the next few hours according to the latest weather forecasts or warnings. North Telangana. Parts of Adilabad, Nirmal Nizamabad, Jagityal and Asifabad are expected to experience very heavy rainfall while other districts like Mancherial, Karimnagar, Kamareddy and Peddapalli are expected to experience moderate to heavy showers.

The Indian Department of Meteorology (IMD) had previously forecast that the districts would receive heavy rains on Wednesday in isolated places. Hyderabad also experienced slow but continuous downpours a day earlier on Tuesday, recording 12.5 millimeters of rain. On the same day, the heaviest rains were recorded in Adilabad (98mm), Hakimpet (47mm), Badrachalam (36mm) and Ramagundam (34mm), according to IMD data.

The IMD has also issued a red warning for the districts of Mahbubabad, Jangaon, Adilabad, Kumarambheem Asifabad and Suryapet. Shortly after the local weather warning was put in place early in the morning on Wednesday, netizens started posting (unverified) videos of rainfall from different areas like Armoor and Jagityal.

Reservoirs almost full in the Godavari Basin

Irrigation projects in the state also receive large inflows due to rains in the watersheds. A statement from the Telangana government on Tuesday also said that all reservoirs in the Godavari Basin are almost full to the brim due to heavy rains.

A Telangana press release said that due to heavy rains in the past week, water levels at the Sri Ram Sagar project have reached 74.83 trillion cubic meters (TCM) across its total capacity of 90.31 TMC at noon Tuesday. The inflow into the project was 81,730 cusecs and officials released 86,118 cusecs of water by opening nine valves.

Earlier, the gates of Komaram Bheem project in Asifabad district were opened to let water flow downstream due to heavy rains. The Medigatta, Saraswati and Parvati dams under the Kaleshwaram project were also receiving inflows. Authorities opened the gates to release the water.

Meteorologists say Telangana is receiving torrential and widespread rains under the impact of cyclonic circulation on the northwest and adjoining central west of the Bay of Bengal off the southern coasts of Odisha and northern Andhra Pradesh.


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