IMD predicts cloudy weather with precipitation for Pune


PUNE The weather department has forecast cloudy weather for the next few days for Pune. The Indian Department of Meteorology (IMD) also forecast light to moderate precipitation.

In November alone, Pune district reported an excess rainfall of 446%.

According to the meteorological department, Maharashtra itself reported 10% excess precipitation, with actual November precipitation being 15.5mm, 10% more than normal precipitation of 14.1mm.

The city of Pune received 12.9mm of rain in November.

Anupam Kashyapi, weather forecast manager at IMD Pune, said the city is expected to continue to experience cloudy weather until November 25.

“According to our forecasts, the cloudy weather should continue. And light to moderate precipitation is forecast for Pune City through November 21. As the weather is cloudy, the daytime temperature may not be very hot, and the nighttime temperature should not drop much either, “Kashyapi said.

Pune reported a maximum temperature of 30.3 degrees Celsius on Friday. The minimum temperature was 21.5 degrees Celsius, 7.2 degrees higher than expected normal.

According to IMD, the coldest city in Maharashtra on Friday was Mahabaleshwar at 17.5 degrees Celsius.

Kashyapi added that remote areas of Konkan and Goa and central Maharashtra could continue to receive rainfall until November 21.

“The precipitation associated with these two subdivisions will be followed by thunderstorms and lightning. After November 21, the chance of rainfall is expected to decrease in the state, ”Kashyapi said.

IMD also predicted that after November 24, central India, which includes Maharashtra, could report a gradual drop in minimum temperatures of two to four degrees Celsius.


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