India to receive ‘normal’ rainfall between June and September 2022 – Punekar News


Pune, 14th April 2022: India’s Meteorology Department (IMD) today released the Long Range Forecast (LRF) of rainfall during the 2022 South West Monsoon season.
Seasonal southwest monsoon rainfall across the country is most likely normal (96-104% of the long-term average).

Precipitation is expected to be generally evenly distributed. Normal to above normal seasonal rainfall is very likely over many parts of northern peninsular India and adjacent central India, the foothills of the Himalayas and parts of northwestern India. Below normal rainfall is likely in many parts of northeast India, parts of northwest India and southern parts of the southern peninsula.

Currently, La Niña conditions prevail in the equatorial Pacific region. La Niña conditions are expected to continue through the monsoon season.

At present, neutral Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) conditions are present over the Indian Ocean. Neutral IOD conditions are expected to continue until the start of the southwest monsoon season. Subsequently, the increased probability of a negative IOD condition in which sea surface temperatures are relatively colder is predicted.


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