Joey Sulipeck (Meteorologist) Bio: Age, Wiki, Family Size, Fox13, Net Worth, Wife, WHBQ


Joey Sulipeck (Meteorologist) Bio: Age, Wiki, Family Size, Fox13, Net Worth, Wife, WHBQ.

Joey Sulipeck is a chief meteorologist for the Fox13 Weather Authority in the United States. Sulipeck held a variety of jobs before landing a TV news job, including a mid-year internship at an Alaskan cannery after school.

Joey Sulipeck: Profile Summary

name: Joey Sulipeck
Age: In the study
Birthday: Not known
Net value: $8 million
Civil status: Married
Occupation: Chief Meteorologist
Nationality: American

Joey Sulipeck: biography and wiki
Joey Sulipeck graduated from the University of Memphis with a BA in Journalism after attending Scenic Hills Elementary School in Frayser, Raleigh Egypt Jr. and Sr. High School in Raleigh, and Scenic Hills Elementary School in Frayser.
He then completed his graduate studies at Mississippi State University and received his credential from the National Weather Association. He believes knowledge leads to strength.

He is also a Mensa member, Emmy winner, storm tracker, husband and father. I continue to learn. I have confidence in the dew process. Sulipeck worked in a number of professions before landing a career in television news, including a summer at an Alaskan cannery after graduation. “It was a crash course in self-reliance,” he recalls. • Visit Sulipeck’s blog, Joey Untied, at for more.

Joey Sulipeck: Wife

Joey Sulipeck is married to Lisa. He credits his wife with many parenting ideas. Sulipeck hopes his kids will discover their own passions in time, just like he and Lisa did. She enjoys painting and decorating; a corner of the den is where she paints and many changes to their home have come from her ideas.

Joey Sulipeck: Kids

The couples were blessed with three children, Milo Sulipeck (12), Chloe Sulipeck (14) and Roman Sulipeck (9), enjoy playing sports and hanging out with friends. With 17 neighboring children in their cove, the Sulipeck house is often bustling with activity. Yet when they bought their home in Germantown seven years ago, it was far from the cozy place it is today.

Joey Sulipeck Salary

Joey Sulipeck’s salary is estimated to be between $10,000 and $50,000 per year.

Joey Sulipeck: Fox13

Joey Sulipeck is a member of the National Weather Association and Mensa, and he is also the champion of two Mid-South Emmy Awards. He’s a true Memphis Tigers devotee, grill. Elvis and cherishes Memphis. Sulipeck has worked for WHBQ-TV, Fox’s Memphis affiliate, for more than 10 years and has won two Emmys for his communications.

Joey Sulipeck’s exhibits include piloting a FedEx plane, performing practical tests, and acting as a television weather presenter. Validation is free. Register online at He has worked with Memphis’ Fox associate WHBQ-TV for more than 10 years and has won two Emmys for his communications. Sulipeck’s house is full of action from time to time. “As it was an abandonment, it took us fourteen days to clean up all the trash,” says Lisa.

The couple did much of the renovations themselves. It was an example of cooperation, positive proof that with devotion, something discarded can in time be transformed into a marvelous thing. It’s one of many exercises the couple are trying to pass on to their children. In this busy time, Sulipeck admits that tutors need to be more and more present in light of the fact that “the world is eager to raise my children”, observes Sulipeck. “TV, the media, the online world, they all need to get stuff in their head.”

That’s why he and Lisa are determined to pass on biblical qualities that will give their children a sense of “true north.” It involves getting money for what they need and remembering that computer time or cell phone use are benefits, not entitlements. He further urges his children to examine a circumstance before rushing to judge.

“The children are concentrating. They monitor our non-verbal communication, our outward appearances and begin to show preemptive kindness,” he says. Despite the fact that both of her parents (and her grandparents) were involved in her life, their separation left her mother to hold the family together.

He recognizes her for much of her knowledge of raising children. Sulipeck is confident that his children will find their own interests over time, as he and Lisa did. She wants to paint and design; a corner of the sanctuary is where she paints and many progressions to their home have arisen from her thoughts.

Joey Sulipeck: net worth

Joey Sulipeck has an estimated net worth of $8 million as of 2019. He has all that net worth generated from his hard work as Chief Meteorologist.


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