Keys to keeping cattle warm this winter | Meteorology


CLEAR WATER (WQOW) – As temperatures drop, it’s important not only to keep warm by staying indoors, but also to keep in mind our animal friends who need to stay outdoors.

When it comes to dairy and livestock animals, Lyssa Seefeldt, agriculture educator at UW-Extension in Eau Claire County, said the two most important things to remember during the colder months are to keep animals dry and clean. Having clean, dry fur or wool helps the animal maintain its insulation against the cold.

Seefeldt said that when temperatures drop, having nearby shelter, whether a windbreak or a south-facing blanket, is crucial to protect animals from exposure. in the icy wind.

Just as we need a hearty meal to brave the elements, Seefeldt said, so do they.

“When we hit this very cold weather, we need to think about maybe increasing the amount of forage we feed and the quality, because those two things are going to help these animals thrive and help their gut microbes grow.” to help them produce the necessary heat,” Seefeldt said.

Also, provide animals and livestock with adequate access to water and maintain water temperature above 40 degrees to encourage more water intake to prevent dehydration.


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