‘LeBron James graduated in atmospheric science and meteorology from iPromise’: Skip Bayless ridicules Shannon’s comment on Undisputed


Today’s take on the wacky earth involves Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and LeBron James. This time it’s LeBron’s graduation.

Did you know? LeBron James is a graduate in atmospheric science and meteorology. Ask Shannon Sharpe.

Talk about the ridiculousness of the report. Journalists hit him on the air with the most unfounded claims. Well, that’s the least of it.

Today’s reports are in a very disheveled state. A bit like this instance for example. Shannon Sharpe flags LeBron James’ tweet and begins to praise it.

“A storm is coming” is what LeBron said and Shannon began to weave a story through that single take.

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Praising players is fine, but when you make ridiculous claims, expect ridiculous responses as Skip Bayless proves!

So when Shannon says LeBron majored in atmospheric science and meteorology, Skip has the perfect comeback.

His rebuttal, combined with the fact that LeBron never went to college, is delicious fun. So much so that even Shannon is seen laughing.

Skip Bayless may be a poor analyst, but it’s good to know that he can be jovial at times. As for LeBron, he better get that degree soon because the NBA is about to change, seismically.

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