Med City prepares for possible severe storms | Meteorology


Med City prepares for the storm

ROCHESTER, Minnesota – Across our region, this eerie December weather has people talking and preparing for whatever comes their way.

“It’s unusually hot for the season, so I’m not sure what to make of it,” said Nevada’s Tom Gletz. He says he’s been here all week visiting the Mayo Clinic.

“Just because of the post-tornado tornadoes in Kentucky and Tennessee, that might lean into something, but I’m not personally concerned.”

Magnolia Sheeran works at the Mayo Clinic. She says she loves the winter warming, but fears it could be a sign of climate change.

“I’ve read about global warming, the concerns that come with 60 degree weather in December. That’s fine, but I think it’s not really something that should be happening,” she explains .

She tells that KIMT lives on the third floor of a building and that she is ready to take refuge in her mother’s basement.

She is most worried about her son, who is in daycare.

“At work and knowing that all of this is happening worries me a bit, I wish I could pick it up right away, but I’m hanging on in the meantime and watching the weather closely,” Sheeran says.

With the potential for damaging winds, authorities are advising everyone to stay indoors and off the roads.


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