Meteorologist Bob Kovachick is back in the air at WNYT and NewsChannel 13


Many of you have asked what happened to Bob Kovachick (the WNYT weatherman has been off the air since mid-May). He returned to the air yesterday (July 5).

Kovachick, who joined WNYT in 1988 as NewsChannel13’s chief weatherman, was away on a brief leave.

He is required to wear tinted prescription glasses, according to the station’s Instagram post. His colleagues joined in to “make him feel more at home”.

I reached out to the NewsChannel13 veteran in his spare time, but got no response.

WNYT News Director Michael Raffaele replied “thank you for contacting us. Bob Kovachick is a valued member of our NewsChannel13 family and will be back on the air as soon as possible” when we tuned in last month.

When the people who have public-facing jobs in the media are absent, viewers/readers/listeners notice. This is a good thing. Our stories about the whereabouts of the shows are among the most read. In a time when media consumption isn’t as high as it was a decade ago, we’re all grateful when consumers engage with our product – and the people who support it.

That said, we also all have a right to our privacy. It’s a funky, fine line, unfortunately, when a work is public – and based on public interest.

Kovachick may be one of the most recognized faces in the Capital Region, but that doesn’t mean viewers have a right to know the details of his absence. Unfortunate, perhaps, for viewers who have come to care about him, but a reality.

He also took sick leave in the spring of 2021.

See Subrina Dhammi’s post on Kovachick’s return here.


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