Meteorologist Brings Her Baby To Work When Babysitting Goes Wrong


Chief meteorologist and KVUE mom Erika Lopez has found herself in a predicament that many parents have found themselves in – commuting to work, despite failed childcare, wondering what to do with her child. So, Lopez put on her Ergo carrier and took her baby to work.

But it’s not just any office job – the weatherman gave the 6pm and 10pm live forecast while carrying her son, Odie, to the delight of colleagues and viewers alike.

Lopez shared the story on her Instagram page saying it was an “unofficial day to bring your child to work” because “life is officially happening.” In her message, she thanks her colleagues for their support when she had to bring her son in unexpectedly.

And, OMG, get ready for the cutest newscast you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

Several fans commented on how much they appreciate seeing more supportive workplaces.

A fan comments on her Instagram: “My pillowrtttt is exploding! It’s so precious! #Super Mom.

Other commenters pointed to the flexible work culture, praising KVUE for allowing her to bring the baby. “Good job, mom! And yes for KVUE to support you too!” they wrote.

Lopez involved her baby in the forecast, waving her hands a bit while explaining the weather, and praised a colleague for her ingenuity.

But it turns out the dilemma was deeper than just a lonely night without babysitting. A few days later, she posted on her Instagram profile that she was quitting her job to stay home with her baby, posting a cozy photo of him in ocean pajamas lying in bed with her.

“Hey everyone! I’m terrible at goodbyes and dealing with emotional topics, so I’ll keep this short and sweet,” she wrote. “…I made this decision with my husband’s full support. and my managers to allow me to focus on this cute patootie of a baby, Odie. I’m beyond excited for this next chapter in my life and can’t wait for all the exciting adventures to come with my new little family. I don’t know if it’s forever, but it’s the best and it will make me the happiest right now.

Her story is part of a larger conversation about women leaving the workforce in greater numbers since the pandemic, parents trying to balance work and life, and workplaces increasing their flexible practices for employed parents. Although her show was deemed completely adorable, moms tagged as #supermamas everywhere know that the lack of reliable childcare and the mental burden many parents endure can have serious mental health consequences.

As advocates work to address these changes, it looks like fans are offering to have more babies with them during weather reports, whenever needed — cuteness overload.


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