Meteorologist Craig Gold leaves CBS6 Albany


“After more than 7 years here at CBS6, it’s time for a change,” Gold wrote. “It won’t be a move to another TV channel that we on-camera weather forecasters are so used to, but rather something off TV news. Off weather for that matter.”

The CBS6 staffer is the latest TV reporter, anchor or weatherman to announce he is leaving his stations, joining 21 other broadcast personalities who have already left in 2022. Earlier this week, Jenn Seelig announced she is leaving WTEN. Unlike Gold, she stays in the industry.

Gold, on the other hand, took a job in public relations. This job will give him more time with his family, he says (he has 3-year-old twins), and give him the opportunity to be closer to him as they grow.

He is also drawn to public relations for other reasons.

“It’s results-driven. You can see the fruits of your labor by helping businesses and nonprofits that serve your community. When you succeed, they succeed,” he says. “Career-wise, I feel like I’m going to build something again. It’s exciting to have a whole new set of goals, not only for the benefit of clients, but also for my family. It was something I could just ‘not turn down.’

Gold will continue at CBS6 part-time (weekends only) for the next three months while the station searches for his replacement.

Previously, we featured Gold as a “20 Things” where we learned about his close call with a tornado and his obsession with roads, among other fun facts.


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