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The safest places in your home during a tornado The safest places in your home during a tornado (DTM)

WASHINGTON — Doug Kammerer may be NBC4 Washington’s chief weatherman, but the father of two proved Thursday night that his job as a father will always come first.

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Kammerer was tracking a powerful storm for viewers when he realized a newly issued tornado warning was bringing a funnel cloud directly over his Maryland home, according to “Today.”

“In fact, I’m following this so close now, it’s going to pass over my house,” he said, while simultaneously showing viewers a map of cross streets in the tornado’s path and calling out her children on a cell phone. .

“Kenton, are you there, buddy?” Hey man, I want you to go down to the basement. We received a tornado warning. I want to make sure you and Cally get down as soon as you can,” Kammerer said as the storm tracking broadcast continued.

“Right now?” You could hear Kenton answering his father.

“Go down there right now,” Kammerer replied, adding emphatically, “Go into the room over there and wait 10 to 15 minutes, okay? Do it now.”

When Kammerer resumed his show, he explained that he had to physically warn his children about the threat of inclement weather because they were most likely playing video games online and were completely unaware of the threat, NBC News reported. .

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“It was a scary moment for me,” Kammerer told “Today” on Friday.

“My kids were home alone and I knew they wouldn’t heed the warning. While I was live on air I was wondering if I should call them while I was on the air. television, and I quickly realized that I had to make that call. I had to protect my children,” he said, adding, “Thank goodness no one was injured as a result of this tornado. We are all safe.


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