Minnesota State Patrol responds to 175 crashes statewide in winter conditions | Meteorology


Blowing snow made this morning’s ride a real challenge.

ROCHESTER, Minnesota — It was a chaotic morning for many Med City drivers on Wednesday.

High winds kicked up light snow, making visibility difficult for drivers and creating slippery conditions.

A car spun on Highway 52 and hit a median wall near the 19th Avenue exit.

Another crash on I-35 caused a backup near Owatonna.

Between 6 p.m. Tuesday and 11 a.m. Wednesday, Minnesota State Troopers responded to 175 accidents statewide, including 10 non-life-threatening injuries and 2 fatalities.

A further 199 vehicles left the road or spun into a spin requiring towing assistance and 8 tractor-trailers were jackknifed.

Michael Dougherty of MNDot District 6 says it’s the type of storm where crews don’t do much salting until the winds die down.

“We mainly try to push the snow away, if we put salt on it what it can do is melt the snow on the road and then with the wind blowing that snow on it it creates patches of ice,” he explains.

Dougherty reminds drivers to play it safe when the weather turns bad.

He tells KIMT News 3, “It’s that basic message again to slow down, travel according to the conditions, plan your trip to be a little longer, but as long as you get there safely. , it’s better than ending up in a ditch.”

It also reminds drivers to ensure their vehicles are prepared for winter conditions.

With dangerous sub-zero temperatures, remember to keep your gas tank full and your cell phone charged.

If you end up in a wreck, stay in your vehicle and wear your seatbelt.

Minnesota law requires drivers to turn on their headlights during rain, snow, sleet and fog.

Before you go, you can check the Minnesota Department of Transportation website for traffic and snow plow cameras to assess road conditions.


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