National Meteorological Center Hosts Korea-Emirati Weather Modification Conference 2022


Abu Dhabi-UAE: The National Meteorological Center (NCM), through the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science, hosted the Korea-Emirati Weather Modification Conference 2022.

Organized in a virtual format, the event attracted the participation of several senior researchers and specialists from the National Meteorological Center (NCM) of the United Arab Emirates and the National Institute of Meteorological Sciences (NIMS), the Administration Korean Meteorological Service (KMA) in the Republic of Korea..

The event examined the latest scientific developments in cloud seeding research in the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Korea, as well as the role of rain enhancement in weather modification, enhancement natural water resources, preventing drought and improving air quality..

The conference featured several panel discussions on research results and achievements of the UAE research program for rain enhancement science, and the impact of cloud seeding operations on the sustainability of water resources. He also presented an NCM study on statistical and physical evaluation of rain enhancement operations.

The conference also discussed efforts to increase international collaboration in cloud seeding. Korean delegates presented their latest research results on rain enhancement in 2021 and a pilot project to build an experimental chamber to simulate cloud physics and dynamics.

The panel discussions attracted the participation of Alya Al Mazroui, Director of the United Arab Emirates Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science (UAEREP), Dr. Youssef Wehbe, Program Manager at UAEREP, and by Sufian Farrah, meteorologist and cloud seeding expert at NCM. The Korean delegation included prominent researchers from the National Institute of Meteorological Sciences, including Dr. Ki-Ho Chang, Dr. Joowan Cha and Dr. Woonseon Jung..

His Excellency Dr. Abdulla Al Mandous, Director of NCM and President of Regional Association II (Asia) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), said: “This event demonstrates the sustained efforts of NCM to leverage the results of research of our laureates in order to fight against urgent water. security challenges and develop rain enhancement operations with our partners in the Republic of Korea. Such events allow us to benefit from the latest tools and solutions developed by international institutions and researchers to improve the sustainability of our precious water resources.

Al Mandous added, “Reiterating the importance of knowledge and expertise exchange between like-minded organizations, the conference serves as a window on the latest solutions and opportunities to advance cloud seeding research. to solve global water scarcity problems”.

Alya Al Mazroui said, “In addition to showcasing the latest program developments and new research projects supported by her postgraduate grant, this conference gave us the opportunity to explore the latest research results on Improving Rainfall in the Republic of South Korea Together with researchers and scientists from the National Institute of Meteorological Sciences, we aim to harness cutting-edge technologies and innovations to improve global water security.

For his part, Chulkyu Lee, Director of the Convergence Meteorological Research Department of the National Institute of Meteorological Sciences, said, “This conference is part of our goal to promote collaboration between the Republic of Korea and the UAE Such efforts result in better results for the research efforts pursued by our countries in the field of rain enhancement science under the cooperation agreement between the Republic of Korea and the United Arab Emirates We also aim to highlight the latest developments in rain enhancement research and coordinate our practical activities to ensure sustainable and renewable water resources for our communities.

NCM has previously signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Institute of Meteorological Sciences of the Republic of Korea to strengthen cooperation, partnership and exchange of expertise in rain enhancement research. The agreement reaffirms the strong will of both institutions to pave the way for scientific research and the implementation of joint projects that will promote research and scientific advancement..



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