Payday loans without paychecks: what are the requisites?


Let’s find out what forms of payday loan for customers without payroll.

All you need to know about payday loans, which can be requested both online and at all post offices. Let’s see how it is possible to have access to credit even without guarantees .

Among the most requested forms of financing at the moment, payday loans are certainly in the foreground. But what is the reason for this success? First of all, a fundamental factor is that of convenience , which is understood as regards both the interest rate and the management costs and so on. From this point of view, the treatment offered by the e is undoubtedly one of the most competitive in circulation. Another very important requirement that is sought in a payday loan is that of the delivery speed . Many times you do not have the possibility to wait too long to have a certain amount of money available to cope with an expense, and therefore it is essential to provide funding in a few days.

These two characteristics in a payday loan are certainly very important, but the main one is represented by the requisite requisites , and in particular how much these are restrictive. A payday loan can in fact be the most convenient and fast in the world, but if the required requisites do not allow us to have access to it, it is not a product that interests us. In fact, there are banks and financial institutions that provide for restrictions that are too restrictive for their payday loans. Obviously, lenders need to protect themselves to minimize the risk of default from their customers. But it often happens that a customer without a paycheck can not even access a small payday loan despite having alternative guarantees to present to the company.

Coming to the gist of the speech, you will be pleased to read that payday loans , in addition to being fast and convenient, are also provided to customers without payroll and therefore do not provide particularly restrictive requirements. This is a determining factor, given that nowadays many people do not have a paycheck because of the difficulty in finding a permanent job. In fact, there are several companies that, in front of a customer who is not an employee with a permanent contract or a former worker who receives the Inps pension, do not grant any payday loans. You know how complicated it is to get a permanent contract , which is why many people often find themselves relinquishing the desired funding.

Another very important feature is that no special guarantees are necessary to make the request. A mortgage is not required for a property , as is the case with payday loans offered by other companies. While this may be a good solution to compensate for the lack of a paycheck to present, the risk that we run in case we were not able to pay the repayment installments is to remain without a home. Another guarantee that is very often requested is that of the signature of a guarantor . This can also be a very useful solution sometimes, however you do not always have the opportunity to present a person who takes care of any unpaid installments on our part. All self-employed workers have the opportunity to receive a personal payday loan simply by submitting a tax return .

The company will analyze the customer’s income and therefore based on this analysis the amount that can be requested by the customer will be calculated. So, as in the case of employees, the higher the income received, the greater the amount of money that can be borrowed. The requisites required by the e to obtain financing are few others. You need to be resident in Italy and your income is produced in Italy. As far as the applicant ‘s age is concerned, this must be between 18 and 75 years . As pointed out on the e website, the customer must not have reached the age of 76 at the end of the payday loan . This means that the maximum age at the time of the request will also depend on the duration you will choose for your repayment plan. The calculation of the admissible age is immediate, since it will be enough a simple subtraction between 76 and the number of years in which one chooses to complete the reimbursement. Therefore, for example, for a payday loan without a one-year paycheck, customers with a minimum of 75 years can apply for the request, while if the fixed duration is 2 years the maximum age at the time of application is 74 years. accomplished and so on.

How to apply for a payday loan without a paycheck or guarantees

A very useful service that is offered to customers is the one that takes the name of Internet Banking . This service allows us to keep an eye on our accounts wherever we are from PCs, smartphones and tablets, through the website of the e or via the ‘App, available on Apple Store and Play Store. Also very useful is the possibility of requesting funding completely online, in order to save time and further decrease delivery times. How can I be sure when making a request from a computer? The security is represented by the digital signature , through which we can identify ourselves in order to avoid possible scams and our communication with the company will be as if we had gone to a post office.

To request a payday loan without guarantees, therefore, all we have to do is fill in the relevant form , in which we will have to enter the personal details, the data of our income and the data of the payday loan. The form and all the required documentation can be sent completely online , through the use of the digital signature, or by sending it all in paper form. In any case, the company in a few hours will examine our request and decide whether to grant or not the financing. In case of a positive outcome, the sum requested by us will be immediately credited to our account and therefore at our disposal.

Payday loans without paychecks: can they be obtained through where?

Addressing the e you will find several interesting products that can be for you if you are looking for a payday loan without a paycheck. Among the forms of financing reserved for customers, there is one addressed exclusively to Evolution card holders . We are talking about the Mini payday loan , the small personal payday loan that can be requested by customers with and without paychecks. How does it work? This is a payday loan that can be obtained through , and that allows you to receive an amount up to 3,000 euros . As regards the duration of the payday loan, unlike the other payday loans, in this case the repayment plan is fixed. The duration is in any case equal to 22 months and therefore based on the amount will be defined the monthly installments that will be fixed.

Requesting the Mini payday loan is very simple. If you are without a paycheck, just go to any post office with your Evolution card first. The other necessary documents are always the same as those listed above: identity card, health card and an income document that in this case will be the tax return. The strength of the payday loan without payroll that can be obtained through is certainly the delivery speed . This will be practically immediate , since this is a small amount of money that will be directly paid on your Evolution card. At this point you will only have to face your expenses through the card. The same applies to the refund, since the fixed monthly installments will be automatically deducted from your Evolution card.



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