PMD says the metropolis will not see a storm

A representative image. — AFP/File
  • The Met Office says light rain is expected in the city today.
  • PMD will release forecasts for tomorrow later.
  • The monsoon system is not supported by the Bay of Bengal.

KARACHI: The Pakistani Meteorological Department (PMD) announced on Saturday that there was no longer a forecast for thunderstorms in the metropolis.

Chief Meteorologist Dr Sardar Sarfaraz said light rain is expected in the town today, adding the Met Office will issue a forecast for tomorrow after an investigation.

He clarified that some parts of the monsoon system in eastern Sindh are on land and some are in the sea. Also, the system is not getting support from the Bay of Bengal that was predicted earlier.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah has delegated ministers, advisers and special assistants for rain emergency duties in different districts of the province. The CM will personally monitor all situations.

Chances of intermittent heavy rain in Karachi

Earlier, PMD’s chief meteorologist said there was a chance for Karachi to receive intermittent heavy rains from the evening or night of July 2.

Dr Sarfaraz had warned that the city was at serious risk of urban flooding.

Warning fishermen, he said there will be big tidal waves from July 3-5, so they should be careful when venturing into the sea.


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