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Employment of women for domestic and unskilled jobs through tourist visas will be banned from tomorrow (11), the Sri Lanka Bureau for Overseas Employment (SLBFE) has said.

The Office said it has received reports of women who sought employment on tourist visas and faced various harassments, particularly in the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Sri Lankan embassies in these countries informed the Office that Sri Lankan women were stranded there.

However, since no institution or person comes forward to take responsibility for themselves or their work, the women involved continue to face problems and harassment.

As a result, the Ministry of Labor has been advised to prohibit the sending of women for unskilled jobs through tourist visas as a problematic situation has arisen upon their return to Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, the Bureau’s Special Investigations Division has received complaints about 570 people and organizations that defrauded money claiming to provide overseas jobs from January to October.

Legal action has been taken against 182 such complaints and the Bureau has taken action to provide an amount of Rs. 28,383,000 which was recovered from the fraudsters, back to the complainants.

The Bureau reported that 17 searches were carried out following complaints and that 43 suspects were arrested and the necessary legal measures were taken.

Meanwhile, 586 people who attempted to travel overseas to work illegally, including on tourist visas, were turned away by the Overseas Employment Bureau’s airport unit this year.


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