Recent Climate Outlook From Bureau of Meteorology Calls for a Hot, Wet Spring, Good News for Growers | News from the region



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Producers in the Riverina are set for a hot, humid season this year, according to the Bureau of Meteorology‘s climate outlook. The forecast comes after the wettest and warmest winter in half a decade, according to the office of climatologist Dr. Andrew Watkins. “Nationally, we have had the wettest winter since 2016… Australia’s average winter temperature is also expected to be one of the ten warmest on record, especially in the tropical north,” a- he declared. He added that a climate pilot called the Indian Ocean Dipole gave them one more reason to believe the spring would be very wet. “This negative IOD is expected to persist throughout the spring, but is currently lower than the last negative IOD event we saw in 2016, which saw Australia’s wettest May to October period on record. For the farmers and producers of the Riverina, this could be a huge blessing. Gogeldrie grower Rob Houghton explained that the increased precipitation and heat will mean a high stakes, high reward crop this year. Mr. Houghton has been growing up for almost 40 years. “The rain is always good. It will make our work more difficult, but for all the right reasons. Our dams are full, they will continue to be so and this will be important for water allocations,” he said. declared. READ MORE Mr Houghton continued that the possibility of water damage to crops meant they had to constantly take advantage of dry spells. “It forces us to remove the crop before it gets damaged, that’s always a problem with a wet spring… The only thing is if it’s really hot some of the canola might be affected and if the humidity doesn’t “happen at the right time, it could affect the yield result,” he added. Mr Houghton added that this sort of season should be taken for granted, but the last few years have been a mess. “A lot of young guys wouldn’t see this as normal, seeing two years like this in a row… we can’t be too frustrated though, because when you deal with the environment, that’s what it is.” Nos. journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:




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