Sarawak braces for heavy rains


SIBU: Sarawak will experience moderate rainfall over the next week except in the central region where heavy rains are expected.

A spokesman for the state weather department said heavy rain was forecast for the central region for three days from tomorrow.

The central region covers Sibu, Mukah, Kanowit, Kapit and Sarikei with a total population of around 400,000 people.

“According to our weather forecast, heavy rain is expected to occur in this region in the afternoon,” he said.

The spokesman added that Kapit started experiencing bad weather with 46.6mm of precipitation on Wednesday.

“If the rainfall exceeds 60mm, it is considered heavy rain, but anything below that is normal,” he added.

He said the northern region of Miri and its surroundings will experience good weather with moderate rainfall.

Sibu Fire and Rescue Chief Janggan Muling said that in anticipation of adverse weather conditions, only 20 percent of the 393 firefighters were allowed to go on leave during this period.

“We have prepared our boats and our marine equipment. We conduct three monitoring sessions each day in flood-prone areas to ensure residents are safe in the event of flooding,” he said.

Janggan also advised residents staying in high-risk areas and low-lying areas along the Rajang River to always be cautious and avoid all water activities.


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