Sonam – The Many Eyed Lotus


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If you are planning the date for a wedding or embarking on a long trip, SonamLotus – the meteorological man is first in your mind due to the weather-related disruptions that happen within the region of Himalayan.


The director of the Meteorological Center (MeT) in Srinagar, Lotus, has receives numerous phone calls daily to give his forecast for the weather. Quickly responds to calls.

“In season, I receive lots of calls coming from those seeking to know about the forecast for the weather in the Kashmir so that they can plan their weddings according to the forecast,” he added.


In the winter months the people use the term “weather” and organize their journeys in accordance with the weather conditions because the highways connecting to the Kashmir with the world are shut due to severe weather.

Lotus has told RisingKashmir that the weddings he’s attended have been invited at various times based on his exact forecast for his weather forecast.

“With sincere love , people want me to attend celebrate their weddings. I am amazed, “he said.


Lotus has stated that it’s essential for everyone. Many people are interested in the conditions that the weather is experiencing. I have been asked by people to give a forecast for the month, which is difficult and impossible. It’s possible to give an estimate of 60-70%, however it’s not completely accurate, the man stated.


In the winter months, Lotus has became a household name in Kashmir. In everything from Hamaams to the markets, from restaurants to public areas or kitchens. The name is now the topic of conversation in the city.


Sometimes, he’s present at his computer in Lotus’s Rambagh Office located in Srinagar, Lotus could be observed talking to people over to the phone in various situations.


If the weather was in chaos, the man must be in the office before 5:45 a.m. and, if it rains heavily or snows and he’s prone to overlooking his dinner menu and the holidays on a regular basis. His dedication has helped him gain confidence.


This child was raised by a farmers’ family who resided in Sharah, which lies located in Leh 60km away from the district’s headquarter. Lotus was a devoted person from the beginning of her life.


“Where the place I’m today is thanks to my parents who have persevered for years to ensure that I complete my studies. After all the determination, faith in your work and faith are the key factors to the level of success you have achieved, “he said.


From grade 6 onwards, the student attended the school which was a public school within the community. He continued to go to school until was in his 10th grade at high school . He was then admitted to GHSSLeh to finish 12 non-medical.


After that, Lotus went through his bachelor’s degree through the GovernmentGandhiMemorial (GGM) ScienceCollege with mathematics, physics along with geology. After Lotus has enrolled at Jammu University, which is the University ofJammu, to complete the requirements for an MBA and a Master in Physics.


“During the course of my time at university I had saw an advertisement stating that I might be considered for different positions in the meteorology department in India. I made an application for the same job. I was selected by UPSC to be considered for the position in 2005. I was sure that I would be to be selected as a scientist in this department “he declared.


After being chosen, Lotus underwent a 1year training program that was offered at the CentralTrainingInstitute (CTI) of the IndianMeteorologicalDepartment (IMD) Pune as an official training centre which is part of the WorldMeteorologicalOrganization (WMO).


The airport was changed from the Mountain Metrological Center (MMC) at the time of the past at Srinagar Airport. “We were known as Snow and AvalancheStudies (SASE) and was an DRDO project operating in the area,” he said.


In 2008, Lotus was witnessed Lotus was being transferred to and then transferred to the post of director of the Srinagar MeT Center and Lotus was the longest-serving Director of the entire department.


Srinagar MeT Center is one of the most prominent MeT centers in thecountry. In 2017 it was given the honor of being the bestIMD center within India.


Lotus is well-known for its accuracy when it comes to forecasting the weather within the valley.

“The advancements in technology and science, as well as the computer power has helped improve the quality. Forecasting requires lots of meteorological information as well as other variables derived from different regions of thecountry, “he said.


Lotus said that the technology must be used in a constructive manner to benefit all.


“I assure you to maintain the sensitivity of people. You had to be very careful when you make projections. The public trusts us and we have to be accurate, “he said.


To Lotus the climate conditions in regions like Kashmir and Jammu isn’t exactly clear however Lotus has been studying it over the decades and will continues its research.


“Although it is true that there may be weather issues in place, but it requires an immense amount of willpower to face  obstacles,” he said.


He said that the information on weather aren’t in dispute, and the data must be legitimate. “Now IMD has bolstered the monitoring network for theValley especially after the 2008 earthquake,” he said.


Lotus has declared it is the weather forecast that for Kashmir demands the bravery of the soldier. He had earlier stated that there were no advisories regarding the weather. “But at the time I’ve joined my guiding principle was that information on weather conditions should be accessible to everyone since they affect all of us,” he said.


“As the child of a farmer, I know the pain of the farmers who are employed within orchards. Our timelyweather alert could help them harvest their crops. However, the rest is all to God the All-powerful, “he said.


“The climate is an issue that affects all. There’s no distinction between the wealthy or the poor. It doesn’t differentiate between mental and physical limitations and is an integral part of every person’s life, “he said.


In the case of The AmarnathYatra, theMeT sets up several weather stations in the sacred caves in Sonmarg to provide the pilgrims with precise weather data.


“From the usual VIPs in the field to Valley I’m frequently contacted to give updates on weather. It’s because people trust me “he declared.


“It is hard to forecast during summer because of the fluctuations in the weathering system however, forecasting in winter is easy and more accurate,” he said.


Weather forecasts which are precise can also boost the industry of tourism. Tourists only go to this area after having seen the latest information regarding the weather and plan their journey in accordance according to forecasts.


“The weather is becoming an integral aspect of our daily life. While there are many more sources available that provide forecasts, it is very important to verify the forecastfrom reliable source “he declared.


“Accurate prediction of the weather an essential part of what I do . I don’t do anybody favours. I’m an employee of the civil service and must do this, “he declared.


To him, precise predictions aren’t just derived from the most precise technology and machines but also from the most shrewd minds.


“It is the responsibility of the people who run the machines, their knowledge of their experience and experience as well as the accuracy in my projections. It is the members of my team that support in my work,” he said.


In the office of his office in his office The MeT manager also provided specific instructions for answering calls to ensure the data is accessible to all. In addition the MeT also keeps the information every day.


“Today there is data on meteorological conditions for J&K towns for over 100years. Since2010 all causalities related to the weather are recorded. The entire team of my team was working with me to build one of the most highly regarded facilities in India, “has he said.


Weather forecasts that are accurate are made by observing data from various locations. For J&K they get the data from anywhere around 40-50sources all across the globe, and have invested lots of work for.


In recent times , the subject of climate change and weather has been among the most discussed concerns around the globe. This season’s NobelPrize was also awarded to an expert in climate science.


“We analyze the results of the models that predict weather conditions and strive to do my job with honesty and dedication. We are respected by our customers and we will do our best to exceed their very expectations, “he said.


Lotus has been awarded the BestEmployeeAward from the Department of EarthSciences (MoES) in NewDelhi for the year 2017-2018 in recognition of his contribution to climate science , as well as accurate and reliable warnings about weather conditions that can help stop natural disasters and catastrophes within the region.


In terms of support from family members The support of his parents is the basis for his achievements. “My wife is from the district of Leh, and she’s very compassionate and loving. They’ve always been supportive and have always backed me up, “he said.


In the email it gave to children who are interested in the topic of the weather Lotus stated that there’s no chance to make it in the business. It is important to stay focused and make yourself a success an impact in the workplace. This is the best way to succeed, and opportunities will be knocking on your doorstep, he stated.


“I always advises my students who come to our MeTcampus to be hard-working and to be a great service to their fellow students. Inspire them to be positive in their strategies, plans and prioritize their time, which is crucial, “added Lotus.


Lotus is an internationally renowned meteorologist in Kashmir and has helped save a lot of people’s lives over the years.


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