SPG’s Blue Book covers all aspects of PM’s security, more to the Punjab episode than it looks: Ex-IPS Officer



“Even though contact with the Punjab police could not be made to clear the road, as they say, which in itself is surprising since the district SSP would have been part of the convoy, the prime minister’s car would have had to turn around immediately. Why have they waited so long? Additionally, in the circulating photographs, SPG personnel are seen holding positions on either side of the PM’s vehicle with the front fully exposed. It’s up to SPG to answer why all of this happened, ”he said.

Asked to comment on allegations that Punjab police allowed farmers to block the road by revealing the precise route taken by the prime minister, and that officers were seen sitting and sipping tea with such protesters, the former IPS officer said: “I don’t think they had no choice but to take Delhi-Bathinda-Ferozepur national road No. 95, especially in bad weather. In addition, the origin of the crowd is not very clear since BJP flags were spotted in images broadcast by some TV channels and some sections of the media reported that protesters were already present on this stretch and n ‘police actually disbelieved when they heard the Prime Minister was arriving there. ”

“But yes, if a probe discovers that information about the Prime Minister using a land route instead of an air route was leaked, it would constitute a serious violation of standards. If it is established that the Punjab police and gendarmerie have indeed been found guilty of dereliction of duty, appropriate penal measures, as prescribed by the regulations, must be taken against all such personnel, ”he declared.

“The Punjab Police were forced to disinfect the route and provide overall flawless security to the Prime Minister while he was in the state. Article 14 of the SPG law clearly states that every agency, including the state government, must act in favor of the director or member of a group of the SPG whenever called upon to do so in the part of the duties and responsibilities assigned to that director or member, “he added.

“However, if the SPG, which works on the motto of ‘zero errors’, has made mistakes, stray officials have to face the music. The 3,000-member force, which has a budget of Rs 590 crore, is single-handedly responsible for the security of the PM at all times. There is no room for compromise there, ”he said.



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