Storm 5 meteorologist Chad Roethlisberger receives AMS seal


(WFRV) – 9 months of hard work led to some great news at Storm Team 5. Meteorologist Chad Roethlisberger earned his Certified broadcast meteorologist (CBM) seal of the American Meteorological Society (AMS).

Chad reacted by saying, “It was really exciting… honestly, the last time I could think of a time when I was so nervous opening an email was college applications… but I had the chance to immediately see “Congratulations, you made it”.

The AMS seal is prestigious and it validates a broadcast meteorologist’s ability to communicate weather while understanding it.

The process to get one is a vigorous one and one that Storm 5 Team Chief Meteorologist Luke Sampe went through, as the requirements have changed over time.

Luke points out, “You need a minimum degree, then you need to take an exam through the American Meteorological Society, then the hardest part is you need to go through a peer review of your work at the antenna. ”

The test is a 100 multiple choice exam in which you must pass at least 75 percent. To pass this test, a meteorologist must have a degree and have at least 2 years of on-air broadcasting experience.

For Chad’s weather reports, he must have used a forecast of calm, active days. His active forecast came from a bad weather day last summer, while his calm forecast day explained the science behind the smoke from the wildfires.

On how his forecast was judged, Chad said, “They’re pretty strict in determining who scores high enough on this weather forecast… but I was fortunate enough to get a passing score and be one of the few… at least in this area… to have that AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal. ”

Chad had spent the first part of his broadcasting career in the Rhineland before coming to WFRV. He graduated in meteorology from St Cloud State. In order to maintain his AMS seal, he will need to keep abreast of his meteorological training, and potentially work outside of the studio.

The American Meteorological Society also has different weather seals, not only for those who are broadcasters, but also for consultants, lawyers, teachers, and even those of insurance companies. Consult the small exclusive list of CBM holders here.

Luke Sampe said, “You have to do this a few thousand times to get that level of comfort… I’m very proud of Chad… Chad is one of the most promising and promising meteorologists in this state. ”

You will now see Chad’s AMS seal at the bottom right of his bottom third information on TV.

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