Stoughton tornado damaged 184 homes and 14 commercial structures | Meteorology


The March 5 tornado that touched down in Dunkirk and straight-line winds in area storms damaged 184 homes and 14 commercial structures and caused more than $200,000 in damage.

That’s the final word from Dane County emergency management officials, who released their storm damage summary information. The current estimate of public sector costs, including debris removal, road repairs, public buildings and utilities, is $216,000.

According to a March 9 press release from the Dane County Department of Emergency Management, the county has submitted the information to the state, allowing the City of Dunkirk and the Town of Stoughton to request assistance in disaster if it becomes available.

Residents who have suffered damage are urged by the county to report storm damage to the City of Dunkirk or Town of Stoughton, along with photos of any storm-related damage to your property. Document all cleaning and repair expenses, including all receipts and emails. Beware of paying for work before it is completed; ideally, all work should be documented in a contract, according to a March 9 county press release.

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